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Alphas Crazy Sounds show (on rotation now)

Posted: Wed Dec 08, 2010 8:24 pm
by Triplag Webradio

After long silence in out special shows department we would like to present you with Alpha Crazy Sounds show from radio

We have two recent episodes of the show that are rotated on our playlist since 08 Dec 2010.

Whether you like or dislike we encourage you to write your comments, thoughts and suggestion here.

Episode 1 Americanos 25th Nov 2010

Alpha Crazy Sounds welcomes the american guests in Germany :

Part 1- Interview with Audiopathik and Zuvuya and single tracks
Part 2- in-the-mix with DJ Zuvuya

Episode 2 - Triplag special 2nd Dec 2010

Part 1- Interview with VIC TRIPLAG
Part 2- in-the-mix DJ WAATER

Posted: Wed Dec 08, 2010 11:49 pm
by Nap
excellent news!!, good luck :bangin :ura