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Flejden - Nasty Habbits, 148bpm Darkpsy from Sweden

Posted: Sun Jun 12, 2011 4:16 am
by Flejden
Got a lil tune of mine up on Soundcloud. Been doing music to and from about 2 years now and lately iv'e finaly been starting to get the sound im after

It's a 148bpm track running in C with a little chillout beat on the end.

Song still needs mastering and such but iv'e done the best i can with it as is..

I know Soundcloud fucks up the quality since it konverts the tune from 48khz to 44khz and 128kbps mp3..

But still it give's ya all a sneakpreview

Feedback is always apreciated, Doesn't matter if you just want to say that you think the drums is to low or the song is to monotone. Everything that will help me develop is truly apreciated

Boom from Sweden! //w0lfis (Flejden)

Oyeah.. Almost forgot, the song is @

or the real deal (the wav) ... ts_20.html