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DarkPsy/NightPsy LivePA

Posted: Wed Dec 21, 2011 3:16 am
by GadgetG
evening my psych-o-delic funk-o-delic space pirate. I was hoping whoever is reading would take some time to listen to some music I've been recording. All these tunes are done live, and recorded all at once. My equipment is an mc808, sh101, dx200, x0xb0x, 2 kp3's, guitar, through a mackie profx 8 and recorded into logic pro. I am looking for ANY feedback, especially where I should be headed career wise. It is hard to catch a break when djs steal all the time slots.

Here is my latest full set. called Psy-on-eyed
and here is a favorite track of the people ... c808-sh101

Thanks in advance for the ear time,
and much love from minnesota