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new member on board

Posted: Tue Feb 04, 2014 5:32 pm
by spejs
first of all id like to say 10x for this wonderfull forum....i subscribed a day ago, or something and i already found a ton of interesting topics.....i was searching for something like this for a quite a noobie when it comes to darkpsy, or how to make it, but im an eager learner and i absorb from the world as mutch info as i can.......i started a couple of years ago buying reason and a yamaha keyboard, and have been doing stuff in reason for a while, till i discovered the nova launchpad(this is the most fun thing i ever owned!) and fl studio, but i moved just recently to ableton, because i think it gives me a better workflow...... so now i hae a mini subzero controller a garakey groove keyboard(dont buy it!!) and my old yamaha and trying to come out with some nice music.....

and here it is XD

some samples are not mine, some are, all have permissions, all is made in ableton and recordet with audacity(great program)

i just started to explore mixing possibilities so some fx is waay to loud, but im eager for any comments or critics, so that i can improve myself......there are other track on my channel and you are welcome to hear any of them XD

p.s. tons of extra awsome music here, 10x again :bravo