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Dymons - Druids Brew (Elestial records)

Posted: Fri Oct 26, 2007 11:51 am
by Triplag Webradio
Dymons: Druids Brew (CD)


Dymons first solo album 'Druids Brew' is a potion made of the many influences.

Dan was blessed with throughout his traveling through space, time and beyond...

Having spent a few years on the road gathering ambience sounds into his little black box and musical influences from all continents, Dymons takes us on a journey through a wide diversity of soundscapes.

Although very dub oriented this album flows through a multitude of genres and atmospheres rarely mixed before. It is made of fat driving bass lines, grooving drum beats and pulsing skanks over which ethnic instruments and contemporary sounds dance together in a psychedelic fashion

This album features a Master of Santeria(Afro-Cuban Mysticism) on the congas, a talented griot from West Africa on tama, cabasa and n'goni(traditional African guitar) and a Divine female voice from the Berber tribe The album flows as a long piece of music and the skip marks have been carefully placed so the full tracks can also be used in dj sets for example.

Sit back and enjoy the ride or move you feet to the beats either way it will take you on a trip!

1. One Drop Or Two
2. Gathering Of Lights
3. El Jaguar
4. Sparkles
5. Wakan Tanka
6. Beyond The Continuum
7. Blessings

Available at: ... st_id=5280

Posted: Sat Oct 25, 2008 3:08 pm
by Mana Wizard
very nice production
love it
realy psycedelik vibes
good work

Posted: Wed Jul 14, 2010 12:08 am
by lusitanobarbaro
this is one of the best trips i have..
very good.