"Instinct" compiled by David Ya - Entropy Records

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The beat is born
The beat is born
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"Instinct" compiled by David Ya - Entropy Records

Post by Maitreya » Mon Sep 21, 2009 12:26 pm


After 14,235 days of gestation, I am (really ^ ^) pleased to announce the creation of Entropy Records label.

Our first baby should be born within a few days...

You are invited to register for the newsletter @ www.entropy-records.com to be informed of its availability.

I warmly thank all the artists for their belief in this project and also all those who supported me in this adventure...


Promo artworks by Kakoolalajwal.


Audio clips and information on the website. If you enjoy our music, you may pre-order the "Special limited Edition" right now


1. Nexus Sector A/D - Reminiscensor II 3:35
2. Relapxych.0 - City Nightlights (Re-Edit) 13:43
3. Lo - Lava Flow 8:70
4. Lipo - Deus Ex Vagina 6:24
5. The Spaced Goats - Le Jeu 6:05
6. Aum Guy - Morning Breeze 6:17
7. BOB T.racKer - Life For Anything 5:09
8. Lipo - Relax And Swing 6:26
9. Art?NO! - In Utero (Sounds From The Outside) 6:08
10. Silent Flowers Observer - Black Eyed Susan 7:27
11. Akira Club - Sunken Treasure (Come Across Edit) 8:15

More here ^^ : http://www.entropy-records.com


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