"HOME" - New mix by M&Ms

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"HOME" - New mix by M&Ms

Post by M&Ms » Wed Dec 16, 2009 11:34 pm

"HOME" is like a relaxed afternoon somewhere in the country side, having a warm cup of tea and watching the plants grow... just like home.

Ambient/World Music/Electronica/Psychill mix



1* Ashes & Snow - "Flying Elephants" Part 1 (Flying Elephants Press)
2* Arménia - "Die Yahan"
3* Hedningarna - "Kings Selma" (Silence Records)
4* Ali Farka Touré - "Penda Yoro" (Nonenuch)
5* Azzdine - "Ana ou Anta" (MSI Music)
6* Field Rotation - "Polarlicht" (Fluid Audio)
7* Gustavo Santaolalla - "Memories" (Concord Records)
8* Mighty Math - "Experimental Child" (Different Drummer)
9* Zen Baboon - "Chomolungma" (Unrealeased)
10* Master Margherita & Mauxuam - "La Mela" (Peak Records)
11* Alice Russel - "To Know This" (Mixmag)
12* Argaman - "Lsding Camping" (Fairytales Rec)
13* Asura - "Crossroads Limiter" (Altar Rec)

Artwork by: Gregory Colbert

Download & Stream at: http://www.soundcloud.com/m-ms

So... do you feel at Home?

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