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DJ SHAFT(69) - Dark Dubstep Horrorshow

Posted: Thu Jan 21, 2010 10:27 pm
DJ SHAFT(69) - Dark Dubstep Horrorshow
Dubstep, Darkstep, Darkcore, Dub, Grime, Bass

Broadcast + Recorded Live on January 1st, 2010
Psychedelic Meltdown Internet Radio/Mindbomb Productions

1:56 @ 128kps

This set is dedicated to all the dark psy freaks at Triplag. I have had some people asking me to do a totally horror themed dubstep set, so I spent about 3 months building and perfecting this beast. As far as I know it is the first of it's kind, at least to be posted and streamed on the internet anyway.

For all the horror movie freaks and dark loving demons out there, this ones for you. It gets really nasty and glitch heavy after the first hour, so I would not call this a chill set, unless you listen to a lot of the 160+bpm darkness.

(No need to download, you can listen anytime you want.)

Direct D/L ... 582737.mp3
(right click on link, otherwise it opens in the default media player)

DJ SHAFT(69) Podcast Archives

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15>RMS - Fear [ARO37-Eight:FX]
16>Bare Noize - Chucky [CHUCKY001-Z Audio]
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18>Broken Note - Crux [ADN102-Ad Noiseam]
19>Orien - Look At My Eyes [Look At My Eyes-Dub Police]
20>Mystification - Different Story [White Label]
21>Barbarix - Recoil [Sewer Grime-Dubsaw]
22>DJ Rezidue - Hellfire [TT011-2012]

Much Respect and Blessings to the artists whose work was used in this set.

Special Thanks to Ras Malachai and Ras Micah for the use of the dubplates and the hardware.

Posted: Thu Jan 21, 2010 11:42 pm
by kriz
Ahhh coool, looks mihgty tasty too ;)

Downloading, so should you ALL !!

thx shaft69 for sharing another set !! 8) 8) 8) 8) :crazyfly :crazyfly :crazyfly :cs :cs :cs 8)

Posted: Fri Jan 22, 2010 12:30 am
Just another way of sharing some dark and heavy music. There is a bit of an emergent horror style bringing the best of the darkcore and horrorcore D+B sounds into the dubstep.

Not a really new sound, but it seems that a lot more dubstep artists are doing some very dark and terrifying tracks.

Posted: Tue Jan 26, 2010 8:09 pm
by psilopsyben
great f@#king mix man!!!! I love it!!! 8)

Posted: Sat Jan 30, 2010 3:32 pm
psilopsyben wrote:great f@#king mix man!!!! I love it!!! 8)
Bro, coming from you that means a lot. When I first got back into psy in 2006, I found the Gnomes site. I spent many long hours and many shroom trips baking my brain with the mixes I found.

Between that and finding Triplag and some of Vic's mixes it was what made me start DJing again. So in a way this set is a result of the Gnomes, if in a very long and strange trip kind of way at least, ;) .

:shrooms: :xdance :dj :weedman:

Posted: Sat Jan 30, 2010 8:34 pm
by kriz
YAY!! I had not commented again after listening.. yeeeahh this is my kind of dub !! Very nice stuff, have had this on more than once at home and its a killer !!!

Thanks alot for sharing and doing it Shaft !!!

Greeetz :drinks :drinks :drinks :cs :cs :cs :cs