Liquid Tune Records presents "Walhala" (LTUNE001)

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Liquid Tune Records presents "Walhala" (LTUNE001)

Post by mans » Mon Jan 25, 2010 11:32 pm

Its an honor to present our first release...
A nice and smooth trip, with the most
divine and enchanted moments, that
leads u to the Eden...a place where
everyone can find its own peace and
The path through this journey will be
followed by the most creative and
intelligent human beings, that have
consumed the Walhala's spirit and please enjoy.
...when U'll find your own Eden,
it will never end, cause no one
wants to leave it, but rest...Liquid
Tune Crew presents "Walhala"
and the guiders that will help U to
find the forgotten...


Tracklist :

1.Jesus Raves - Querty

2.Sputer - Sritot Kalot

3.Maiia - Deep Magic

4.Vapour Ghost - Magnificent Clouds

5.Oxya - Ophelia

6.Erofex - Big Guys Dub

7.Hyper Drive - Mind Trip

8.Inner Vision - Falling Down

9.Jar Jar Binks - Pandora's Hope

10.Khooman - Sada


2 min Samples at

Liquid Tune Official Web Site

Liquid Tune at My Space

Buy @

Dist Electronic

Beats Digital

Tandava Shop

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