GRAINS OF SOUND ~ Sine Lanague ~ (new triple album) out now!

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We have a pulse!
We have a pulse!
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GRAINS OF SOUND ~ Sine Lanague ~ (new triple album) out now!

Post by exeris » Mon May 31, 2010 5:17 pm

Announcing the release of ~ Sine Language ~ the new triple album by Grains of Sound!


On their sophomore release, ambient-psy-trance duo Grains of Sound unleash a full spectrum of musical ingenuity. A concept album about the transcendent power of music to communicate beyond the barriers of time and space, each volume features their hypnotic futuristic sound, both worldly and other-worldly.

The result is a dynamic experience that is equally stunning in its intensity as it is relaxing in its peacefulness. But each volume of Sine Language explores different styles and energy levels of this unified vibe.

Dance, chill, or zone, this three disc set has you covered. Listen now at

Vol. 1 [UP] - Pulsating bass lines meld with arpeggiating synths to create psychedelic trance, both progressive and minimal, along with hints of house and breaks.


Vol. 2 [DOWN] - Lush, sweeping soundscapes wash over sub bass frequencies and deep downtempo beats, the perfect chill-out groove.


Vol. 3 [UNDER] - Vast evolving layers, organic textures and sentient sounds leave all beats behind, pure ambient intoxication.


Sine Language is released by AlterCulture Records. Each volume will be sold separately, in CD and MP3 formats from most retailers,
including Itunes. Order now at

Listen now at

Full artist bio, news, performances and more at


1 Ancient Ocean
2 Boomshanka
3 Pacifica (Northern Lights mix)
4 Siamese Twilight (Perpetual Dawn Mix)
5 Ultraviolet (Sunrise Mix)
6 The Psyentific Method (Megadose Mix)
7 Sine Language
8 Turkish Delight
9 Low Earth Orbit (Sonic Boom Mix)
10 Seekers of Scrolls (Annunaki mix)

1 Pacifica
2 Trees Tell Me Their Secrets
3 Better Living Through Chemistry
4 Sine Language (Cosmic Clock Mix)
5 The Psyentific Method (100mg Mix)
6 Booming Dunes (Down mix)
7 Above from Below
8 Auxigen
9 The Way In to the Way Out (Out mix)
10 Lithosphere

1 Above from Below (Fractal Mix)
2 High Tide
3 Quantum Consciousness
4 Ancient Ocean (Cetacea Mix)
5 The Psyentific Method
6 Sine Language (Lucid Fusion Mix)
7 The Way In to the Way Out (In Mix)
8 Caves of Chiang Rai
9 Pacifica (Aboriginal Mix)
10 Seekers of Scrolls
11 Trees Tell Me Their Secrets (Methuselah Mix)
12 Low Earth Orbit

upcoming performances summer 2010:

June 11-13 Coalesce Fest
July 22-26 Day Out Of Time
July 30 Gothic Fest (chill room)
July 31 TBA Amsterdam

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