[CD]Enichkin`s guide to musical dimensions of space and time

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[CD]Enichkin`s guide to musical dimensions of space and time

Post by toolshed » Wed Dec 08, 2010 5:54 pm

Enichkin is a stage name of Sergey Nazarenko, a Russian musician...

...best known for a major contribution to the dark psytrance scene and who isconsidered as one of the favorites in his field.

Meanwhile, after the first release of experimental track on Acidsamovar Records in 2007 Sergey started work on this album and it's took years. And now he is back with long waited release, which will beabsolutely unusual and unexpected for those, who know him as psytrancemusician.

Enichkin used all his power, creativity and knowledge to make a beautiful mix of ambient, dub, orchestral music and experimentalelectronic sound, which will definately sound perfect for most of music lovers. Discover music deeply with Enichkin's guide to musical dimensions of space and time!
1. Int (r) Harmony
2. Aprilis
3. Basics
4. Quest Scales
5. Rhytmic Ceremonial Ritual
6. Tanec Miga
7. Pianistique Times
8. Ohrganic
9. Ambiebce
10. Rivers
11. Intrigue Romantic
12. Dreaming
13. Visions
14. Yoga
15. Kaleidoscope
Thought it should be posted here ;)

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