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"The Giver"- a native american mix by Potere Infinito

Posted: Tue Jan 10, 2012 7:04 pm
by Potere Infinito

This mix was inspired by the magical music of native americans and their deep rooted traditions.
I wish you a peaceful sound trip!

1. Salaskamarka – Tor Cheney Nahana
2. Tito La Rosa - The Cry of the World
3. Sayama - Centre of the Universe
4. Robbie Robertson- Peyote Healing
5. Lisa Lynne Franco & George Tortorelli-Windrise
6. The Spirit Level- Flowers for the Dead
7. Jose Campos & Tito La Rosa - Madre Ayahuasca
8. Michael Stearns - Monk With Bell, music from a movie „Baraka“
9. David Darling- Dream Pearls Of Kathak

Listen here: ... pisode-30/