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We have a pulse!
We have a pulse!
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Solar System - 2012 - Mind Experience Records - Free VA

Post by a3k » Sun Jan 15, 2012 10:55 pm

Artists: Various Artists
Title: Solar System
Label: Mind Experience
Format: Free Download / Wave
Release: Around January / February (2012)
Catalog: MNDEXP003
Compiled: A3k (André Castro)
Art Work: D-sign (Pedro Zeka)
Mastering: Makkus (Overdream) Ukraine


Definition: A Solar System consists in a Star and all the objects that orbit him, as well as all the material of that same system. Our Solar System includes the Sun, along with 8 Planets and their Moons, as well has celestial bodies that orbit the sun.
Having in mind the scientific definition of our Solar System, Mind Experience decided to pay tribute to our Solar System through a free compilation of Chill Out with artists from around the world, from Norway, to Portugal, Ukraine, Greece, U.S.A., Denmark, Israel and Russia, having some of the involved artists more than 20 years in the business as well it as new names in the scene. The concept is simple: honor a Planet, a Moon or something related with Space, and create a track having that same definition in mind. So, there are 9 Planets, (Mind Experience warmly considers Pluto a Planet); 2 Moons and 1 Nebula as a bonus material.



1 – Erot – Mercury
2 – CHP – Venus
3 – Xamanist – Earth
4 – Rob Vector – Mars
5 – Elysium – Jupiter
6 – Radialogica – Saturn
7 – Sanathana – Uranus
8 – DeeperNET - Neptune
9 – Vonoom – Pluto

Bonus material:

1 – Astropilot – Eart Moon
2 - Kukan-dub-lagan_ItaiTaiko – Titan
3 – Seamoon – Nebula

André aka A3k and Rui Borges aka Serial Freak
Mind Experience 2011

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