"Cleansing Of The Soul (Shamanic VIsions)" - eMS

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Seeking connection...
Seeking connection...
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"Cleansing Of The Soul (Shamanic VIsions)" - eMS

Post by eleMentalSounds » Mon Jan 23, 2012 10:45 am


Hello friends :) Happy 2012, first of all ... much light & love in future things to unfold.
Coming out from my winter sleep, i`ve put together a few tracks which i enjoyed very much this season. They're not many, mainly because the first
two tracks take up half an hour, but they're far too mind-blowing to just cut them up :D

Visit http://elementalsounds.blogspot.com (with soundcloud embedded player) or directly http://soundcloud.com/ems_4/ems-cleansing-of-the-soul.

01. LIQUID BLOOM - Roots Of The Earth [Shaman's Eye // White Swan Rec.]
02. LIQUID BLOOM - Emerging Heart [Shaman's Eye // White Swan Rec.]
03. STEVE ROACH, MICHAEL STEARNS & RON SUNSINGER - South Kiva (Mother Ayahuasca) [Kiva // Fathom]
04. STEVE ROACH, MICHAEL STEARNS & RON SUNSINGER - North Kiva (Trust & Remember) [Kiva // Fathom]
05. ARBRE NOIR meets POLYGON - Changes [Traveller // Polymorph]
06. JUNO REACTOR - Solaris [Shango // Equinox]
07. GEOMATIC - White Hole, Dark Soul [64 Light Years Away // Tympanik Audio]
08. ARBRE NOIR - Protoplasma [Roam // Not on label]
09. STEVE ROACH, BYRON METCALF & DASHMESH KHALSA - Realms Of The Sacred Seed [Dream Tracker // Dr. BAM's Music]

Play Time - 79:36 min

Enjoy :) Constructive criticism always welcome.

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