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Posted: Thu Jul 30, 2009 7:55 pm
by Unwashed Records
LABEL: Anomalistic Records
TYPE: Digital Net Release (WAV/MP3/FLAC)
DATE: July 2009
TITLE: Anomalistic Ballistic

Anomalistic Records is proud to present its first free release under the Anomalistic Records label. Facehead and myself wanted to show everyone how much we all love you by giving away a 10 track cutting edge night time psychedelic trance adventure.

Compiled by : cinderVOMIT

Out Now!

Many thanks to dNi aka Endless Euforia for getting me connected to Cosmic Iron and Dark Whisper.

The new home of Anomalistic is almost finished. Please check back in the near future!!


Cosmic Iron - Terrapia
Kobold Instinct - I have many names
Tree of Pain - Baba Obama
Terratech vs Paraforce - Woods Alliance
Audio Psykosis - Etheric
Secret Society - Brainwise
Dark Whisper - Digital Scream
Facehead - citsillab citsilamona
Unwashed Tomato - Sladonk
kanibaL holokausT - Hunger

artwork by : facehead
mastering by : meteorburn
distro by: / anomalistic

WAV Dowload link: ... listic.rar

MP3s coming soon.

<<<Cinder can you update the first post with the new info and d/l link?>>

Posted: Thu Jul 30, 2009 10:12 pm
by kriz
All right !! COol, finally i can listen :bangin :bangin :bangin

Downloading, will comment later again . THX !!


Posted: Thu Jul 30, 2009 10:41 pm
by Shen (Mental Records)

Posted: Thu Jul 30, 2009 11:05 pm
by Cinder
SLAMMIN! Thank's to the tomatoes for getting this up! Links for anomalistic will be up shortly, the website is under maintenance!

Original Post has been edited :)



Posted: Fri Jul 31, 2009 1:25 am
by psilopsyben
oh shit!!!! finally!!!!

Posted: Fri Jul 31, 2009 7:45 pm
by terratech
boom!!! :drinks

Posted: Sat Aug 01, 2009 6:56 am
by Shen (Mental Records)
Have only heard half of the release so far but definitely a fat compilation with a strong essence of what I'd imagine Cinder's label should sound like!!! Nice work everyone and thank you for awesome (& free) music!!!


Posted: Tue Aug 18, 2009 4:24 pm
by Cinder

Posted: Thu Oct 08, 2009 5:17 am
by iDyLLiC sOuL
Amazing Compilation Cinder BaBaji :yahoo :xdance
MegaPsyHighEnergies 4m India to Anomalistic Crew an everybody involved in dis Killaaa Releaseee :drinks
Special support to Audio Psykosis (Rishi) , Dark Wispher (Manuel) , Unwashed Tomatos (Andy & David) u Guys Rockkkk :ura