VA Daltonism compiled by Human Transmutation Circle

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Multiverse Records
The beat is born
The beat is born
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VA Daltonism compiled by Human Transmutation Circle

Post by Multiverse Records » Tue Feb 09, 2010 8:20 pm

...:::VA Daltonism Compiled by Human Transmutation Circle:::...

...:::Multiverse Records:::...

The Pride multiverse labels for first release after the EP HTC.VA Daltonism is
compilation by Goran Paradjina aka Versi and Aljosha Leksa aka Substructure.
This is a collected edition of the best new young talents from Ex-Yugoslavia in
Psy-trance scene.From hypnotic pumping rhythms to the shine pads until the
old school acid melodies and all are packaged in perfect Full On concept.

VA Daltonism is idea Goran's Paradjina aka Versi.

We are aware that every day is out a bunch of
compilation so people even don't have time to listen every of them.

Today is so much names, artists, labels, but this compilation rebound
from lager in overproduction unique name and track's as well.

Every track is the story for themselves.
Multiverse Records is in big fight against stereotypes psytrance scene today,
and we prove that from this release.

Qonic helped alot with this VA release

Release Date:16th February 2010

Our Digital Shops:



Preview soon on labels adress on myspace

Sonitus Project-The land of the violet 144 bpm 7.26
Zarma-Purple 145 bpm 7.12
Focus-Blue 145 bpm 7.09
Svitac-Red 145 bpm 7.54
Sonic Entity-White 142 bpm 6.37
Human transmutation circle-Gray 140 bpm 6.44
Shidarta Project-pink sugar toys 145 bpm 7.33

Contact artists:

Mastering by Jesus Raves:

Artwork by Atomgrinder: ... back16.jpg ... over16.jpg

Multiverse records:

MSN Contact:

Big Credits to Jesus Raves,Atomgrinder & Qonic

Stay Twisted

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