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Ohm Ganesh Pro

Posted: Wed Apr 28, 2010 4:05 am
by Kalilaskov AS
Ohm Ganesh Pro ॐ ... nfo&ref=mf

Ohm Ganesh PRO It's a Booking agency and party organisation based in Israel. Here you will find infos about all the artists involve in the Ohm Ganesh Pro, including producers and DJs. We are here to help you make your party a real psychedellic experience! For booking and infos please email us at : We are presenting for you Artists and DJs from morning and night psy like :

Biosynthesis(Germany) ॐ

Kalilaskov AS(Israel) ॐ

PsyShark(Israel) ॐ

Sample Bugs(Greece) ॐ

Twisted Reaction(Israel) ॐ

DJane Schatzii(Sweden) ॐ

DJ Vic(Ireland)(Triplag Records Owner) ॐ

DJ Alex Dharma Kaya(Blitz Studios - Owner) ॐ

DJ Skylander(Russia) ॐ

and more to come...

For any questions and booking information feel free to contact me directly also :

Kalilaskov AS