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Elektrik boy Beyond the limits EP

Posted: Tue May 25, 2010 2:04 pm
by Multiverse Records
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.:Elektrik boy-Beyond the limits EP:.


Elektrik Boy (Marco Teixeira), Guitarrist, Keyboardist and Producer.
Coming from Setubal Portugal,Marco has developed an earlier interest
for music.
Stimulated by old 50's and 60's records from his father colection,
he quickly developed an interest for guitars and percussive sounds.
At the age of 15, he's grandfather gave him his first classical
guitar, and that tottaly changed his life.
He played Punk, Rock and Blues and even had a TEAC tape multitracker
for some years till he made the first encounter with computers.
Back to 1998 he started experimentating drum'n'bass and recorded his
first very track, Holidaze, using not much than a 486PC,
Electric Guitar, an old Roland sound module and a mixer.
Later he maded several tracks and with the help of the internet,
he got some feedback from all over the world about his style and
His music was downloaded, heared and even seeing, because of his
ability to make 3D animations and some sort of videos to go with his music.
2002 was the year for the DiF_Fusion Project.
He got a contract with Vensil Records for releasing a cd. This cd,
"Two Colour World" contains 14 tracks and it was available at major
record stores in Portugal.
In 2006 he started producing Psytrance and djing at some local parties.
Elektrik Boy's new EP (...Far Beyond Limits...) will be released soon
this year under the Multiverse Records label.
He´s currently working on new songs and preparing he's live act. Stay tuned!

Release Date:

4th of June


Psychedelic trance


Full power/Night Full on

Mastering by:

Goran Paradjina aka Versi

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