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Posted: Sun Aug 15, 2010 2:54 am
by Active Meditation Music
Ahyasix - Subconscious Wild EP (Liquid Tune Records)



1.- Ahyasix-

Dreamland Ambient Stage 112

2.- Ahyasix-

Full Of Hope 148

3.- Ahyasix -

Goa Is Not A Crime 150

4.- Ahyasix -

Atomics Leads 156

5.- Ahyasix -

Darkphylosophy 160

Buy it here:

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Posted: Mon Aug 16, 2010 4:03 am
Tandava shop is rocking :bangin !@! a new shop with already lots of great releases in the pool 8) :drinks :bangin :bangin great work !@! keep on coming :bangin :bangin :bangin


Posted: Wed Aug 18, 2010 3:23 am
by Active Meditation Music
Tnx Ganika!
From now on, all releases on tandava shop will be avaliable for free streaming in 128 kb mp3 in full lenght!
Here are some of the releases avaliable for free listening:

Ahyasix - Subconscious Wild EP: ... t&Itemid=7

VA - Midnight Adventures CD2: ... t&Itemid=7

VA - Midnight Adventures CD1: ... t&Itemid=7

VA - Chaos Universe: ... t&Itemid=7

Illegal Machines & Bombax - Between Sanity & Madness: ... t&Itemid=7

VA - Beauty And The Beast: ... t&Itemid=7

Gorump Peyya - Unreal Emotions EP: ... t&Itemid=7

VA - Metempsychosis: ... t&Itemid=7

With this option, you can have a listen to the whole track from begining to the end, before buying it.

Support the labels, and buy their music!

Posted: Thu Sep 02, 2010 5:41 am
by Active Meditation Music
VA - The invisible Hand (Mighty Quinn Records)



1.- Encephalopaticys -

Global Reintroduce 150

2.- Distorted Goblin-

A Little Night Music 150

3.- Drurry Nevil -

Invisible Hand 148

4.- Parus -

Like This 148

5.- 1rgum 3urgum -

Six Beat Under 152

6.-Gorump Peyya-

Night in Alto Prado 152

7.- Muktisvara-
Do Ultra 150

8.-Donkey Shot -

We Are Organic 150

9.- Derango -

Eh Ehh Ehhhh 150

Following the successful worldwide release of Beauty and the Beast, Mighty Quinn Records is thrilled to present its third installment straight from Tokyo, Japan - The Invisible Hand. Unexplained changes in human brain chemistry through episodes of intense psychedelia bring about large but unintended shifts in global human behavior, as if being guided by the force of a massive invisible hand. The latest push by The Invisible Hand delivers 9 previously unheard and carefully chosen chapters from artists and friends in our network, featuring Encephalopatycis, Distorted Goblin, Drury Nevil, Parus, 1rgum 3urgum, Gorump Peyya, Muktisvara, Donkey Shot, and a 12-minute epic closer from Derango. Let the forces of the Invisible Hand guide your consciousness into the uncharted territories of sound. Compiled by Niki and Spliffnik

Preview and Buy Here:

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MP3: ... t&Itemid=7

Posted: Fri Sep 03, 2010 4:38 pm
by Active Meditation Music
VA - Royal Straight Flush (Mighty Quinn Records)



1.- Red -

Maat Mons 146

2.- Darkshire ve Detonator vs Aenaon-

Fairy Tale 152

3.- Orestis vs Madness Increased -

Into The Crypts of Ravenous Minds 152

4.- Orestis -

Am Fear Remix 150

5.- Jelly Headz -

Anemone 154

6.-Sonik Scizzor-

Jitter Fractal 154

7.- Dejan-
phuk U 160

8.-Puzze Dao -

Aquamatrix 150

9.- Red -

Rush Crush 150

The compilation titled Royal Straight Flush includes 9 tracks from producers throughout the world. This will be an intelligent, trippy and insightful underground atmosphere in order to deliver an overall package of excellence. Mastered by Virgile at Droidsect studio (France)

You can listen tracks and buy it here:

WAV: ... t&Itemid=7

MP3: ... t&Itemid=7

Posted: Sun Sep 05, 2010 2:44 pm
by Active Meditation Music
Kanibal Raves - Na Masti Iz Srbije (Ultiva Records)



1.- Kanibal Raves-

2.- Kanibal Holokaust-

Albert Blofeld 160

3.- Kanibal Raves -

Turbo Folkerijada 160

4.- Jesus Raves -

Beat That Pedo Grandpa 160

5.- Kanibal Raves -

Killa Boom Jajaja LOL 160

6.-Kanibal Raves Meets Demoniac Insomniac & Insector-

Arcade Phucking 165

7.- Fatal Discord & Kanibal Raves-
Wasabi Sniffers Olympic 162

8.-Kanibal Raves -

Kanc Nam Sapunja Machore 160

9.- Kanibal Raves -

Keva Vidosava 160

10.- Kanibal Raves -

Suomi Narodnjak 157

11.- Kanibal Raves -

AirMax Power Junkies 153

12.- Jesus Raves -

Kasandra D Potochara 153

13.- Kanibal Holokaust -

From Serbia With Love 153

14.- Kanibal Raves -


Two Serbian projects, famous ninjas KanibaL HolokausT and Jesus Raves on warm, summer snowing day came on idea to join a forces to twist their psychedelic and weird sounds into a somethin' new . The style... well... hm... exploring, exploring and exploring with a cause to create something new, the new synthesis of sound. Mixture of 8bit melodies, crashed sounds, curved amplitudes with countless painted automations spiced with use of oldschool analog synths. They are using modified game consoles, toys, guitar pedals and syntrax sequencer installed on Pocket PC to give a chip-tune touch to their music. The result is specific sound which can be entitled like Serbian Hard Folkpsy, something familiar with suomi saundi stylegegehedshjfds... damn, stupid keyboard crash!!! It's a familiar because of the comic moments, pitched voices and twisted leads... oh Gosh, it's all twisted.

Buy it digital:

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MP3: ... t&Itemid=7