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Tandava Shop Releases

Posted: Sat Jul 24, 2010 3:28 pm
by Active Meditation Music
Tandava Shop is part from Active Meditation Music.
It's an online shop that support labels who release fullpower dark psychedelic trance.

We work mostly with digital downloads, but you can also find some cds and other stuff for sale.

The digital downloads are avaliable in Wav & MP3 formats.

We work with this labels so far:

Active Meditation Music
Mind Expansion
Temple Twister
Free Radical
Mighty Quinn

More coming soon...

We also support independent artists :)

In the future i will post the releases from my shop here, so you can be informed.
Any label or artist that wants to work with me, pls contact me

Posted: Sat Jul 24, 2010 3:33 pm
by Active Meditation Music
VA - Completely Crooked (Free Radical Records)



1.- Arcek & Hawk -

Mahaya 152


Between Cool And High 151

3.- Karmazon -

Total Departure 151

4.- Kashyyyk & Ankur -

Violet Skies 154

5.- Paralocks -

Time Paradox 155

6.-Assault Junkies & Bombax-
Ingrained 156

7.- Crankshaft-
Urban Vandals 157

8.-Spyrallus -

Potstirrer 160

9.- Chris Rich & Loose Connection -

Kintetic Intelligence 160

Free Radical Records 5th release COMPLETELY CROOKED combines a variety of well known artists and some new talents with very unique styles the compilation consists of a lot of collaboration tracks from artists all over all ,who are very solid in there own styles. The tracks are banging and intelligent psychedelic tunes at there best . The release has quite a fast knarly tracklist which is flying from the beginning with the same flow as all the other releases. All tracks work well together making this compilation flow from one track to the other till the end

Buy It Here:

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MP3: ... t&Itemid=7

Posted: Sat Jul 24, 2010 3:43 pm
by Active Meditation Music
Illegal Machines & Bombax - Between Sanity & Madness (Free Radical Records)



1.- Illegal machines -

Funky Pipoka 148

2.- Illegal machines-

Psykomachine 148

3.- Illegal machines -

Mega riser 148

4.- Illegal machines & Bombax -

Sanity 148

5.- Illegal machines & Bombax -

Madness 148


Inflight Magazine 150

7.- Bombax-
Holiwood Kids((152)

8.-Bombax -

Public Disorder 153

9.- Illegal machines -

Honey Flavor(Bombax Rmx) 154

Free Radical Records 3rd release 'Illegal Machines and Bombax - Between Sanity And Madness'... a release combining 2 very unique talents with very different styles.

Illegal machines 'Fabien Mournetas' has a very distinctive sound with full production, groovy bass lines and intelligent arrangement of psychedelic soundscapes which have beenblasting dance floors all over the world.

Bombax 'Jan Hendrik Werner' a harder taste and fast becoming known for his killah basslines and pushing leads along with a broad spectrum of interesting sounds.

The combination takes you from rocking trax produced by illegal to a crossover in the versus trax and into a harder edge of psychedelia produced by bombax all in all a good flow from grooving bass lines to blasting hard psy trance.

Buy It Here:

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Posted: Sat Jul 24, 2010 4:12 pm
by Active Meditation Music
VA - Beauty And The Beast (Mighty Quinn Records)



1.- Hokus Pokus -
Hankat 150

2.- Drurry Nevil-

Freaks Of The Dark 150

3.- Safi Dafi-

Where Are Our Socks? 150

4.-1rgum 3urgum -

Pincode 150

5.- Ravenous Minds -

Screaming Shados RMX 150

6.- Already Maged -

Whispering Rock RMX 155

7.- Orestis -
Ways Of Death 156

8.- Muktisvara-
Mighty Qiunn Theory 154

9.- Puzze Dea-

Kenta Mixing Bowl Milega? 150

10.- Tromo-
Nightmare 150

After the worldwide success of "Royal Straight Flush", and a year of careful music research as well as deep and careful listening Mighty Quinn's Records Niki and Toshi bring you the second compilation called "Beauty and the Beast". It contains 10 previously unheard and custom made tracks by our favorite music projects. All the tracks been chosen to provide the listener with most psychedlic and fresh sounds form around the world. Each track has its deep story and all of the trax are unique in the style and production. The projects featured on "Beauty and the Beast" are: Puzze Dao aka Digitalist, Orestis, Tromo, Hokus Pokus, Already Maged, Muktisvara, 1rgum 3urgum, Drury Nevil, Safi Dafi, Ravenous Minds (Madness Increazzed and Orestis). It's guaranteed that the music on this compilation will take the listener on a true psychedlic journey!

Buy It Here:

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Posted: Sun Jul 25, 2010 2:55 pm
by Active Meditation Music
VA - Metempsychosis (Liquid Tune Records)



1.- Jar Jar Binks -


2.- Inner Vision-
Eragon 3

3.- Wizack Twizack -


4.- DoHm -

Bidukas Angry Tukas

5.- Hyper Drive vs Bloodclot -

Makedonia via India



7.- Microverse-
Bringers Of The Dawn

8.-Karash -


9.- Trefko -

I'm A

Liquid Tune Records presents you the "MetemPsychosis" [transmigration of the soul] and the consortium of the freakest druid's on Earth. In it's second release you will find the lost and the sacred, the spiritual and the immortal ascetic piety of life, and self-purification, carefully cooked and served to you from the druid's cauldron. It is a pleasure to share this experience, that turns the night and day into a glowing perfection. So, take this potion and release yourself...prepare for ethernal journey.

Buy It Here:

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Posted: Sun Jul 25, 2010 3:00 pm
by Active Meditation Music
Gorump Peyya - Unreal Emotions EP (Mind Expansion Records)



1.-Gorump Peyya-
Unreal Emotions 152

2.- Gorump Peyya -

Special Lies 154

3.- Gorump Peyya -

That Silent Place 152

4.- Gorump Peyya-

Psycrowdelica 162

Four brand new tracks produced from the master of the bassline - Gorum Peyya. All four tracks together in a mini-album for a special price!

Buy It Here:

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Posted: Sun Jul 25, 2010 6:49 pm
by Active Meditation Music
Sushupti - The Mental Expansion (Mind Expansion Records)



1.-Sushupti -
Blind Society 155

2.- Sushupti -

Dysfunction 152

3.- Sushupti -

Dirty Cartoons 164

4.- Sushupti -

Tempo 152

One of the most talented producers from portugal (Helder Coutinho aka Sushupti) is ready to blast the world with his first EP "The Mental Expansion".
Mind-Expansion is very proud to share this massive peace of psytrance with all the freaks out there. Welcome to the trippy world of Sushupti.The music on this masterpiece combines emotion and fun, future technics in production and a lot of love!! Filled with tons of movie or cartoon samples this tunes are tripping you throu the night. And leave you there in the morning standing on the floor, smiling and thinking...woooow, what a ride!!

Buy It Here:

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Posted: Mon Jul 26, 2010 2:48 am
by Active Meditation Music
Twisted Kala - Holographic Brain (Active Meditation Music)



1.- Twisted Kala -

Spicy Brain 149

2.- Twisted Kala-

Expand Urs Mind 150

3.- Twisted Kala -

New Generation 150

This 3 tracks EP contains night time, tribal, super psychedelic music!
It is a message for the new generation to expand their minds.

Buy It Here:

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Posted: Thu Aug 05, 2010 7:42 pm
by Active Meditation Music
VA - Chaos Universe (Mind Expansion Records)


1.- Inner Vision -

Saranda 148

2.- Death Project-

Cursed Reality 150

3.- Gorump Peyya -

Never Ending Story 150

4.- Demoniac Insomniac -

Balum Balum 150

5.- Seth -

Jungle Talk 150

6.- Antagon -

The Second Dead End Rmx 152

7.- Rawar -

Candonble 154

8.- Khaos Sektor -

El Amo De Los Suenos 156

9.- Kobold Instinct -

Yushh 160

10.- Dark Whisper-

Gypsygen 170

Buy It Here:

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Posted: Sun Aug 08, 2010 3:06 am
by spacepops
Really killer releases! Great stuff, Boris!

All the freakin best!! :drinks :drinks :drinks :drinks :drinks

Posted: Sun Aug 08, 2010 1:04 pm
all the best Tandava shop :super :bangin :bangin :bangin


Posted: Sun Aug 08, 2010 7:16 pm
by Mutaro/Destruction Derby
Great move!!!!!!!!! :bravo :bravo all the best to boris!! :drinks :drinks

Posted: Wed Aug 11, 2010 10:52 am
by Active Meditation Music
thank you guys!
soon i will make more improvements on the website for more liberation for music and more support for the labels and artists who make this nice music!
stay tuned....

Posted: Wed Aug 11, 2010 10:57 am
by Active Meditation Music
VA - Midnight Adventures CD 1 (Active Meditation Music)



1.- Venom Sense -

Kor 13

2.- Hagenith-

Big Tits 150

3.- Sectio Aurea -

Il Delirio Diomnipotenza

4.- Ogait -

Fuk Fuk (The Heretic RMX)

5.- Fatal Discord -

Whicked Liquid 151


Dark Technologies 158

7.- Demoniac Insomniac-
Galactic Rhythm 155

8.-Terranoise -

Blow My Note 160

9.- Jesus Raves -

Shlajfovanje 162

Buy it from here:

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MP3: ... t&Itemid=7

Posted: Fri Aug 13, 2010 3:30 pm
by Active Meditation Music
VA - Midnight Adventures CD2 (Active Meditation Music)



1.- Malkaviam -

Abra Makabra 149

2.- Death Project-

Sweet Dreams 149

3.- Grainripper -

Resurection Of The Machines 150

4.- Terratech -

Science 152

5.- Kabayun -

Bells Of Delusion 156


Evil God 160

7.- Acid Goblins vs Haunted Castle-
Dark Woods 148

8.-Dark Whisper -

Black Chronic 165

9.- Druc Drac -

Transmat 145

The 4th release from Active Meditation Music!
This time Demoniac Insomniac and Mutaro compiled a double disc compilation, with the old & new talents from the label.
The first disc contains fullpower music for the dancefloor, from very known artists like: Venom Sense, Sectio Aurea, Terranoise, Fatal Discord
and new talented artists like: Hagenith, Demoniac Insomniac, Terratech, Kasatka and Jesus Raves to blast the dancefloor.
Here, the story continues with the second disc, with the darker side of this compilation, here we have one of the most talented artists in forest and
darkpsy like Acid Goblins Vs Haunted Castle, Malkaviam , Death Project, Grain Ripper, Kabayun, Noized, Dark Whisper and a Rmx track from Ogait remixed
by The Heretic - (Baphomed Engine side project).
Our Compilation ends with a track from Druc Drac, new experimental artist to finish our story:

When the when the pointers of the clock turn to 12 , silent noizes floating over from somewhere in the dark,
spooky whispers start sorrounding your head, you know the time has come where everything can happen: Its Midnight.
The moon is shining bride while the creatures of the night, human or not, start crawling out of every corner, and the nocturnal energy rises up to its highest point.
Its time for Midnight Adventures!!

The night has always been a big inspiration for every human being,the darkness unleashes big hidden energys which are slumbering in everyone of us .
These energys are the authors of the most weird,funny and sometimes also scary story happening to all our lives.
We selected 18 artists who gave their best to lead you trough your own midnight adventures............

Buy It Here:

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