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Muscaria – Liquid Evolution

Posted: Mon Jan 28, 2013 7:39 pm
by Mandari

gr8 debut album.... hope you enjoy :yahoo

Liquid Evolution marks the debut of Muscaria (Thomas Wiesinger), an Austrian psytrance producer, on Banyan Records. When he first got in touch with psychedelic music he had a feeling of goosebumps, of diving into another dimension where space and time becomes lost, and for the first time he knew what people meant when they said “to be between worlds”. This is the key to his music: Muscaria wants to send you on a journey, to make you gain experience, but most importantly to immerse you in his inner world and tell you his stories. There is a lot going on in this wondrous and adventurous land, so let’s venture into the imaginary realms and see what can be heard! Mastered by Thomas Jaramogi with artwork by Masta Ewok. Special thanks to Max Spectralis for the cooperation.

feel free to download and listen loud @ ektoplazm: ... -evolution

more stuff to be expected soon @ Omveda Productions