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HSS011: Spiritual Complexity

Posted: Fri May 10, 2013 9:15 pm
HSS011: Spiritual Complexity


"This is the world that you know.
It exists now only as part of a neural interactive simulation,
that we call 'the Matrix''

1.Romeroz - Candyman
2.Lost Reflection - Contaminated Soul
3.Metamorphose - Aligmenth
4.Ashiana - Freyjas Light
5.Murukhan - Do Re Mi Fat City
6.Multiple Personality - Weird Magic
7.Agar Media - Technology Out Of Control
8.Chemical Spoon - See The Light
9.Looney - Coordination Grid
10.Komfuzius - Gremlins Dance
11.Altius - Nbome
12.Satori - Mitosis

Artwork by Nick Mantzaris
Mastering by N.O.M@N.O.M Studios
Compiled by Lost Reflection

Download link : ... complexity

Release party : ... -open.html

Join the HSSR : ... exity.html