The Dog Of Tears - Charsey Chicken Soup (Active Meditation M

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Active Meditation Music
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The Dog Of Tears - Charsey Chicken Soup (Active Meditation M

Post by Active Meditation Music » Wed Oct 23, 2013 10:28 am

The Dog Of Tears - Charsey Chicken Soup (Active Meditation Music)


02.Timebomb Trance
04.Rainbow San Pedro
05. Charsey Chess Club International

Active Meditation Music is proud to present the debut album from The Dog of Tears!

The album contains 7 tracks in DOT's well known style, with a touch of experimentation and innovation in sound. He is known for his unique production approach, utilizing modular synthesizers and obscure sound toys.

There are two versions of the album--
a free download available in high quality formats (wave, flac, alac);
and a limited edition CD with handmade, unique-per-package artwork.

For free download: ... icle&id=65

To reserve a CD: e-mail dog AT xexify DOT com

liner notes:

the Dog of Tears ::::::: Charsey Chicken Soup

one. Bob
two. Timebomb Trance*
three. Lark
four. Rainbow San Pedro
five. Charsey Chess Club International
six. Panopticon
seven. Nooner

©2013 david chaim cohen // xexify music /
mastered by Gregg Janman @ Hermetech Mastering
*see also: Meat Beat Manfiesto- Timebomb Dub

art by david chaim cohen, photographed by leon brauer, assistance by diana garcia

thanks to: goa gil, adam somers, sean price, dylan and quasar, yuliya rashkovskaya, greg mubali, david cinder, boris kashi puri, lalith rao, megan young, patricia karolina salinas, toni latimer, rick and beth, dudu, tom bugs, gene schwartz/ancient eyeball recipe/nelson baboon, don @ elektron, sergey enichkin, dmitri church of serge, renee verdier, yarden skeptych/pangea, babaluma, peter blasser/ciat-lonbarde, betzy bromberg, sandy ding, aaron catalyx, diana garcia, mikey elliot, leon brauer.

please enjoy this free Dog of Tears album in lossless or wave quality. if you choose to distribute it, please keep it lossless! join the war against the degradation of media standards in our society.

a limited edition CD with handmade packaging is available via "

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