Gurgamesh - Self Similarity - EP [Horrordelic Records]

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Gurgamesh - Self Similarity - EP [Horrordelic Records]

Post by kriz » Sun Mar 16, 2014 1:45 am

Out now, free wav/mp3 below - Grab it and play it loud ;)



Artist: Gurgamesh
Release: Self Similarity
Artwork: Starfighter
Released By Horrordelic
Mastered: Anomalistic Studios
Released 15 March 2014
Download Free: http://darkpsyportal.anomalisticrecords ... rrordelic/
Youtube Playlist: ... QPeC98DsBs

Horrordelic proudly presents Gurgamesh – Self Similarity. This is the second EP in a series of 3 releases from this sound wizard. He continues the vibe and power from the first EP, transcending deeper into the experience. A powerful but yet calm ride through yourself, into the known unknown.

The chapters of this epic story:
1.Return To The Source - Out now @ Download here @ Horrordelic
2. Self Similarity – The chapter you are listening to now @ Horrordelic
Next up is the final chapter, prepare your system:
3. “Branched Bearing Sporangia” – Coming soon @ Horrordelic

Join us for this ride with Gurgamesh, the 5 tracks of this EP should be played on big soundsystems, turn it up and space it out !! Trip on, bro …

1. Overlapping Intervals 165BPM
2. Angular Momentum 165BPM
3. Dream Bubble 172BPM
4. Terrestris 173BPM
5. Be Free 180BPM (Bonus Track) |

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