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VA:The Fallen [OUT NOW - Free] Horrordelic Records

Posted: Thu May 01, 2014 9:47 pm
by kriz

Artist: VA
Release: The Fallen
Mastered: Samyaza
Artwork: Edelf
Released By Horrordelic
Release 1. May 2014
Release number: Free VA 05
Download: (more sources soon!)
Full Youtube playlist: ... dvstHlMNyY

We are proud to present you this exciting compilation, totally free and for you to spread as you please... Here we got 3 artists with 3 tracks each. The vision and the concept of The Fallen is going through all of the release.........

The Myth of The Fallen, some of the old writings that was found but then long forgotten about...... Until today.....

"The Fallen is rumored to still walk at night,
in silent places, from scary faces.
From silence to scream, is this just another of me?!?!
The Fallen where could you be ...."

With these 3 established darkpsy artists : Psy4tecks (Portugal), Bones (Mexico) and Yata-Garasu (Belgium) this is sure to get you far out of this world, straight into the world of The Fallen ....

The Tracklist:
1-Psy4tecks - Playground .150
2-Bones - Esqueletos en el Bosque .152
3-Yata-Garasu - Scarr .154
4-Psy4tecks - Syndrome.156
5-Bones -The Subconscious Ritual .158
6-Yata-Garasu - Lost in Yourself .160
7-Psy4tecks - The Fallen .165
8-Bones - Jaque Mathe The Queen .168
9-Yata-Garasu - The world ends with You (feat. Bravo Johnny on guitar) .172

BLAST !!! :Hangman: :Hangman: :Hangman: :Hangman: :super :super :super :super


Also don't forget our new cd, just out now >>> VA:" Into The Dark" - Digipack + 7 bonus tracks. Link >

For the other free release hed over here >>> http://darkpsyportal.anomalisticrecords ... rrordelic/

Get ready for this blaster, share and copy. Spread the darkpsy, play Loud and go crazy .. Enjoy !!! - Horrordelic Crew.

Re: VA:The Fallen [OUT NOW - Free] Horrordelic Records

Posted: Fri May 02, 2014 6:40 am
by dj_anubis
Huge THANKS to HORRORDELIC CREW on this VA :drinks

Will listen to it soon :bangin

THE ARTWORK IS AMAZING, who made it? does he have a homepage? i am curious to see other works of him...

Re: VA:The Fallen [OUT NOW - Free] Horrordelic Records

Posted: Fri May 02, 2014 8:31 am
by T-T00N
yay yay yay :super :super :super

boooom Horrordelic team !! keep doin the awesome work Kriz... n big ups to Edel for a very niiice cover as well

:minigun: :plasma: :weedman: :weedman:

downloaded last night.. ll blast it in the eve... gonna b a banger :monkeydance :monkeydance

Re: VA:The Fallen [OUT NOW - Free] Horrordelic Records

Posted: Tue May 06, 2014 8:25 pm
by kriz
Thx for the feedback yall :) Artwork is done by my girlfriend, find here profile here : Edelf >> ... 05?fref=ts - Not so much of the artwork there but many mixes and much more to come ;)

Keep sharing and enjoying the release .. !!