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Enki - Psy Art and Clothing

Posted: Tue May 06, 2014 10:00 pm
by enki
Hey Ladies and Gents,
We are Enki- Surreal art and clothing.
We are a webshop based inbetween here and nowhere, haha no really we are based between Philadelphia USA and Berlin Germany. We have just gotten our improved shop system up and are growing into a huge art collective. We are crazy about our detail just like dark psy producers are crazy about every sample and beat they put into their track. We have blacklight reactive art prints on tshirts, hoodies, and posters / canvas. We also have some amazing fine crafted leather products. Our main concern was offering top artisan quality for everything we offer. It's like comparing a paper tip to a mammoth ivory tip. We try to go for the mammoth bone tips(metaphorically), ya digg, high quality clothing and art prints.
Whatever about all of that, just look at our website and you will see the goods. ;-)