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Gurgamesh: Psychedelic Grooves - OUT NOW - Horrordelic

Posted: Sat Nov 15, 2014 10:22 pm
by kriz
Horrordelic Presents:
Gurgamesh: Psychedelic Grooves
Compiled by Antikriz
Artwork by HashX
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Mastering by Anomalistic Records



Psychedelic Grooves is the first volume of the release planned as a series of releases from Gurgamesh.

Enjoy a ride with Gurgamesh, steady pumping everlasting calmness and control.. Let the trip begin..

1. A Walk In The Forest 170BPM
2. Binurial Beats And Transformation Miracles 170BPM
3. Dreamlike 190BPM
4. Eto Kak Mne Eto Nravitsya 173BPM
5. Lost In Acidland 160BPM |