OUT NOW!! VA - Psychic Revelation by Mistikal Records [2015]

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Dpx Mistikal
no beats in this soul ;(
no beats in this soul ;(
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OUT NOW!! VA - Psychic Revelation by Mistikal Records [2015]

Post by Dpx Mistikal » Mon Jan 19, 2015 11:21 pm

This new Compilation that combine the Deep Nightime Psychedelic Music with some Powerful forestial organik sounds .. Enjoy it!!!

YOU CAN CHOOSE to donate or name your price

Thanks for all your support to underground musik!!!

Mistikal Records


01.Senang - Different Worlds (148)
02.Aragorn - Kick the Baby (149)
03.Hotep vs Iliriyann - Playground (147)
04.Kebun vs Ra Root - Muscles and Bones (148)
05.Insane Creatures - Intergalactic Aliens (148)
06.Metaphyz vs Mandari - Parametric (150)
07.Third Eye of Monkey - Path to Wisdom (150)
08.Signal2Noise Ratio - Envolve (152)
09.Crooked Mind - Self Discovery (152)
10.DigitalX vs Zaiklophobia - Hippalectryon (152)

Compiled by NAISECTRA
Artwork: Dpx
Mastering: Gelika (Insane Creatures)

https://mistikalrecords.bandcamp.com/al ... -naisectra

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