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Voodoo Rhythms Volume 2 (Compiled by Mohinia)

Posted: Tue Feb 14, 2017 1:48 pm
by Plasma Force


We are very happy to present the volume 2 of the almighty compilation VOODOO RHYTHMS compiled by the powerfull Mohinia (Canada). The rhythms of Voodoo employ techniques completely unique to the style. The technique is employed as an embellishment on congas and is often referred to as a “Moose Call”. While the tone is very tricky to learn, it is even harder to do in the rapid succession which is required for some rhythms. Some Voodoo patterns stray quite far from the main rhythm, some create a counter pulse to it and others still remain fairly rooted in the pulse.

Tracklist :
Goch - Kristalistika (148 BPM)
Hagenith- Serum (148 BPM)
Init Preset & Rizomorf - Electric Essences (150 BPM)
MAleficarvm - Digital Silvarvm (155 BPM)
Abducted Brain-Mental Slaves (155 BPM)
Cosmic Frequency - Blueberry (170BPM)
FREQ36 - Galaxien Contact (180 BPM)
Romeodark & Rizomorf & Initpreset & Sadhana - Dismorpheds (158 BPM )
Bizzare frequenCy - No fun (150 BPM)
Spycht - Valley Dor (146 BPM)
Koschei - OscLOw (140 BPM)
Plasma Force - Skogur Hjarta (Forest Heart) (137 BPM)

Free Download: ... by-mohinia