VA - Best Of Active Meditation Music (2008 - 2018) Free Download

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Active Meditation Music
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VA - Best Of Active Meditation Music (2008 - 2018) Free Download

Post by Active Meditation Music » Tue Jan 23, 2018 8:20 pm


This year we are celebrating 10 years since the opening of the record label - Active Meditation Music!
We have released many compilations,albums, EP's...
Both on CD, Usb & Digital.

We have discovered many artists who released their music with amazing ideas and we have made many people dance on the dancefloors around the world.
Started just as a small record label in Macedonia, but shortly after our music spread all over the planed, and we managed to change the world in a positive way, and made a platform for the young people to have a place to express their experimental sound and the art they love!
This compilation is a special free gift to all the fans all over the world that supported us by buying our music and dancing on our parties!


Part 1
01.Egova - Shivaratri
02.Terratech - Respect
03.PolyKaos - No More Faith (Polyphonia rmx)
04.The Nommos - Lunatik
05.Retohmorgon - The Midnight Society
06.Zik - Unknown Pleasure
07.Insector - Galactic Influence
08.Sectio Aurea - Ora Et Labora
09.Umber Vamber - Human Journey
10.Seth - Sonique

Part 2
11.Terranoise - Blow My Note
12.Pangea - Wreck
13.Demoniac Insomniac - Narayana
14.Mind Oscillation - I Like Music
15.Kasatka - Alchemy
16.Calyptratus - Dshadshadsha
17.Xikwry Neyrra - A Pinch Of Psychedelic
18.Furious - Acid Bluez
19.Kanibal Holokaust - Krishna
20.Infect Insect - Oscillate On Opiate

Bonus Track:

Astropilot - Behind A Limit

Label Info & Contact:
Skype: demoniacinsomniac

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