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Mans aka Jar Jar Binks[Macedonian psytrance/ambient project]

Posted: Mon Jan 25, 2010 11:43 pm
by mans
Hi mates

I've renewed my space with new stuff and i wanted to share with u

Btw Mans aka "Jar Jar Binks" is new project to the scene (even it is 2 years old) with some releases like the >


EP "Crispy Shrooms and Throbbing Gnomes" - Madhause Records, with my friend Hyper Drive;

Tracks >


"Psychedelic Experience" - V.A. "Highway to Eternity" for Neurotrance Records;

"Pandora's Hope" - V.A. "Walhala" for Liquid tune Records;

"Tsabeat - Attractive synthesis (Rmx by Jar Jar Binks)" for the upcoming Haiti charity compilation, compiled by Demoniac;

Also my cover works for

"Highway to Eternity"




Im label manager of the new Macedonian psytrance/ambient label Liquid Tune Records, and our goal is to promote new talents to the scene and also refresh it with new releases!

Also doing mastering services...

And im open to colab with anyone that wants to...bookings, producing, artwork...


Jar Jar Binks & Hyper Drive - Dna Chain EP

Posted: Fri Mar 19, 2010 10:51 am
by mans
(LTUNE001EP) "Dna Chain" EP - Jar Jar Binks and Hyper Drive

After the "Crispy Shrooms and Throbbing Gnomes"
Jar Jar Binks and Hyper Drive are back with their
second split EP "Dna Chain" released under
Liquid Tune Records label!
On this trip you will discover the secret elements
of their chain, presented through 4 extraordinary
Dna sequences filled with psychedelic moments
that combines the night and the day.
So prepare to enjoy the ride, with these psyheads.



Tracklist :
1. Hyper Drive and Kyil Khor – Do You feel the magic
2. Jar Jar Binks - Tandava
3. Virtual Light – Nuclear Sun (Hyper Drive rmx)
4. Jar Jar Binks – Bionicle Universe

Mastering and Cover by : Jar Jar Binks []
Distribution : Digital and CD
Release Date : March 2010

Buy on CD
Buy @ Beats Digital
Buy @ DistElectronic

booms :D

Liquid Tune Official Site
LTR @ Myspace
LTR @ Facebook

Posted: Sat Mar 20, 2010 4:38 pm
by Plasma Force
Killer track on Highway to Eternity :P still resonates to day in my head

massive big ups