Newcomer: Maha Samadhi

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Maha Samadhi
The beat is born
The beat is born
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Newcomer: Maha Samadhi

Post by Maha Samadhi » Sun Feb 07, 2010 11:43 pm

Hi @ all.

This is Patrick D. alias Maha Samadhi from Switzerland.
He was born into this world in 1990 and got first-time connected to Electronical music in 1999, when 'Eifel 65 - Blue Da Ba Dee' released. @ This time he was 8 yrs old. Patrick always liked the plugged, synthesized music.
In 2004, he started playing the guitar, left-handed, and joined in 2006 a Grunge band called 'Resignated Dear Heads'. First as Lead guitarist, then 2nd guitar player. Not much time decaid and he switched to the Heavy-Metal band 'The Ravens' for 1 year. There in this time he went into a gymnasium in Austria with centroid informatics wich went 2 years and absolved the 'Preliminary English Test from University of Camebridge'. The gymnasium was very good to earn a lot knowledge about computer. Mostly software.
With an age of 17 he got infected to Psytrance and fastly started Djing under the name Shikara. Mostly playing power full-on.
One year more remained and he discovered his powerful strenght to Dark-Psy! He changed his artist name to Maha Samadhi and began making his own music in 2009, first with Reason 4, then Cubase SX3.
The goal is, to create faster ( 158-200 BPM ) Dark-Psy, wich sets the people into a journey through their mind. Shortly said, he tries to make involtunary, evil music where are little shafts of sunlight, smashing through the darkness, wich should have the effect, that the people start feeling.
And now, not even after one year, sick, beating up music with hard basslines like this came out.

Maha Samadhi on MySpace:

Maha Samadhi Dj-Set: Dark Journey --=>

He loves to play Didgeridoo too. Some tracks with synth. Didge and Live-Sets ( with Ableton Live 7.0 ) are in progress.

So plz give him a feedback. Everything he knows about music, djing, playing guitar, Didgeridoo & producing dark-psy was learned by himself. So it would help a lot if there were any people, giving a feedback ;)

Thx for reading :bravo 8)

And have a good time. :bangin



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