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StiTch aka Paraz1t

Posted: Thu Apr 22, 2010 2:38 pm
by *StiTch*

Ilya aka StiTch making music since 2008, mixing: Darkpsy, Hardcore, Speedcore, Punk Rock, Drum'n'Bass and Experimental styles, working around his own style. His main target - travelling inside human mentality through the music.


(Rockdenashi Productionz)

Va - Dusha Lesa (Душа Леса)
(Gliese 581c)

Va - ADX Rec. Session II - Strictly Psychedelic
(ADX Rec)

VA - Cemitherion Vol. 08

VA - Scary Sun
(Scared Evil Rec)

VA - Dark Terror.Lesson 2
(Dark Terror Rec)

VA - Activate Mexican Instruments
(Infarto Music Rec)

VA - Dopamin Hypothesis
(Mitnal Rec)

VA - Don't forget about it to remember
(Dark Terror Rec)

VA - Twisted Mind From Hell 5
(Twisted Mind Rec)

VA - Circles of Hell - Second Circle
(Scared Evil Rec)

VA - Moods Of Summer
(Gliese 581c)

VA - Dark Terror.Lesson 1 (Compiled by StiTch)
(Dark Terror Rec)

VA - The Call of Quetzalcoatl
(Kesuene Rec)

(Infarto Music Rec)

VA - Let the Terror Begin
(Apuruami Rec)


StiTch aka Paraz1t - Forest Jungle
(Gliese 581c - Planar Rec)

StiTch - Killer Paraz1t

StiTch - Super Best Friends

StiTch - 3 Malicious Setas


StiTch aka Paraz1t:


Rockdenashi Productionz

Twisted Minds Rec

Scared Evil Rec

Dark Terror Rec

Mitnal Records

Gliese 581c

Comming Soon:

New Killa Album on Rockdenashi Productionz
VS Album with Maximus Project
and more)))


Posted: Sun Apr 25, 2010 10:26 am
by T-T00N
luvv ur beats bro Ilya.... :super :twisted: :super :twisted:
welc0me 2 the 3G fraternity.... :heart: :cheerG
full powerdellikk vibes 4om Indya... u really bang the fl00r man... pure madnezzz.... :minigun: :chain: :fire: :plasma: :fire: :bio:

Posted: Sun Apr 25, 2010 4:55 pm
by *StiTch*
thx,bro) :ura

Posted: Fri Oct 15, 2010 4:37 am
by LIMBO(dark)
YOU are the BEST BRo!!!
psychedelic forever!!!
:bravo :bravo :bravo