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out now the official web site

Posted: Tue Jun 29, 2010 8:02 pm
by polenarec
After long time awaited Polena Record an Italian Indipendent Eletronic Label is proud to release the offical web site

You can find...

all artists
all genres
all releases
all bios
all pics
all movie
all events
all you want by POLENA RECORDS

you can buy directly from the Label cds, waves and mp3

About Polena:

Polena Record's based in Italy, intent is increasing people interest for

Polena Records Artists come from 12 Countries:

the Italians Sashamato, Gaiatech, Aesis Alien, Fenice, E-Beiz, Fiosh, F.B. Alex, Mark Khoen, Burnt Project, Twin Drop, Max Denoise, Dharma Project, John Torri, Amax 54, Giordano F.,
the Hungarians Y- East, N.R.G. Cell
the Portuguese Smiley Pixie,
the Ukrainian Positive Merge,
The Brazilian Vermont
the Chilean Dj Paly,
the Irish Chris Eccles,
the German ThunderFlash
the Dutchs Sam Hayfield, Rene van Aken
the Greeks Hi Profile, Illegal Substance
the Russians Spaceline,O.l.d.f.i.x. and Pasha Vitamin,
the Serbians Sound Control, Quazax, Argon Spheres and Spectral Attack.

Born in 2004, Polena Records tries to impress music culture with its philosophy. Our first experiences were trance parties aimed to fuse show and music. Overtime we have become a sort of "experimentation lab", where to develop and carry on our musical idea.

Polena Records products are tuned in "Millennium Studio", born in the early 90's where thanks to our professional devices, suitable to create digital audio, we have cooperated also with big artists, famous in the international outline of electronic music.

Polena Record's gets into the worldwide music market in 2008, until today the Polena Label published 225 tracks at 49 releases between album, singles and EP, on line in several internet music shops.

Direct links:

Polena Records

Myspace Polena

Facebook ... 9785360217



Digital Shops:

Beatport ... tyId=15137