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Posted: Sat Oct 29, 2011 11:52 pm
by Darkruss


Hometown: Graz

Country: Austria

Chris was born 1985 in a small town near Hamburg/Germany. After finishing school in the year 2001 he started working as mechanic in a car factory!!
In the same year he was on his first psy party, from the first moment he was infected. So after that he had many more partys and new experiences!! In 2006 came his decision to start djing, at first with full on music, and after some learning and thousands of private sessions he had his first gig on a small party in 2008! Over the years he changed his style from full on into darkpsy (between150 and170bpm)!! Till now he played at much partys in Europe! After summer 2011 he moved to austria and started to work with some friends for organizing partys and build some decoration also!!

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Booking contact:

Re: Darkruss

Posted: Thu Nov 10, 2011 1:20 am
by Darkruss
next (confirmed) gigs:

2.12.2011 Optix Tribe Dark Theatre(Graz/Austria)" onclick=";return false;

25.12.2011 Dreamland presents "Psy Massive" (Graz/Austria)" onclick=";return false;

13.1.2012 Gemma Strahlen (Graz/Austria)" onclick=";return false;

4.-6.5.2012 PsyGalaxy OA 2012(northern Germany)" onclick=";return false;

15.-18.6.2012 Psydance OA(northern Germany)" onclick=";return false;

need more :poor .... if you are interested please send mail to:

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