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Posted: Fri May 04, 2012 3:49 am
by Arkoxio

Born and resident in Casablanca, Morocco,
Omar was fascinated since childhood by the psychedelic rock music. In 2004 he became interested in the Psychedelic Trance Scene and few years later he started spinning cds

In 2006 he discovers a new passion for music creation and After several years of learning the basics of audio production techniques , the project developed and the first live act came up in 2009 through the project called ARKOXIO

Attached to the project Arkoxio but inspired by a new gender
In January 2012 he decide to create a new project "FREQ36" With Faster Beat , Futurist Sounds & Twisted vibes. A journey under the cosmic World

In the same period by the positive will, and in the same way of thinking
His friend jak aka Leduide had the idea ...
...And FANTAZY Records was born

♪ ♫ Once upon a time an earthians family dedicated to Psychedelic Hitech Music. Founded in Feb 2012 on high quality musical standards and managed by 5 emerging artists :
Jak[Le Druide], Samuel[Parandroid], Andre[Mimic Vat], Alípio[Metaform] & Omar[Freq36] ♪ ♫

SoundCloud :

FB pages : ... 1302626475