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Muckypuh (Shamanism / Popol Vuh / Horrordelic)

Posted: Sun Feb 28, 2016 7:36 pm
by muckypuh
Muckypuh is the Hitech Project of Marcelo Fabbri, born in 1988 in Germany. He grew up in a small town in Bavaria. Since early years Marcelo was a friend of electronic music. He discovered his passion for mixing, when he was about 16 years old. When he was about 18 years old he moved to Barcelona, where his passion for Psychedelic music began to grow and his alter ego “Muckypuh” was born. Slowly but steadily he understood that the greater art is not to play music, but rather to produce it. The following years Marcelo spent his time intensely studying Music on his own and constantly working and improving on his Sound. With the age of 23 he moved to Berlin to improve his skills and studio experience by doing the Audio Engineer Diploma at SAE Institute. Since 2015 he is living at his Studio in Wilmersdorf, from where he is producing Tracks for ceveral Compilations, providing Mastering Service, as well as working on his debut Album, to be expected in 2016.

Contact: muckypuh(at)

Shamanism Records / Popol Vuh Records / Horrordelic Records

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