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AEIO (Arcade Disfunction / Warromaja / Horrordelic)

Posted: Tue May 09, 2017 11:54 am
by aeio
My fellow dark cosmonauts I would like to introduce to you my experimental dark project ranging from 140 to 200 BPM's.

A darkpsy producer from belgium playing for Arcade Disfunction, Warromaja and Horrordelic records. Computer engineer and cyber nerd during week days, traveling to higher realms on the week end to provide you with subliminal rumbling bass lines and glitchy electronic sound scapes. Trying to swim against the flow by defining a sound of my own yet still visiting the familiar places in our minds we all know so well. Making psy tunes since 2014, and now addicted for life to this crazy music and life style.


for tracks, shows, or just a friendly hello hit me up in one of these places!!
grtz n beatz .. A E I O