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Posted: Sun Feb 11, 2007 8:42 am
by glyphcult
Nice thread, :bub
for me bpm-speed ain't important, what is important it's musical quality, I remember few years ago when I'm used to go and dance at gabba - and that kind of stuff - parties. Most of the time music was really bad ass music with nothing inside, just empty & boring shit !!! :(
like fungusok said fast forward music ... it sucks !!!

I mean, even if it's kicking music, it has to be deep, solid and it has to go somewhere ... tells a story ... on top of that, it has to got some real atmospheres and not just noisy layers !!! :-?

In other way It might be deep and it has to vibrate & rocks, otherwise it has no impact on me and it doesn't make sense to me at all ... :grin:

where can i get that

Posted: Tue Mar 13, 2007 5:44 pm
by Umpalumpa
Zero-Blade wrote: I also love slow stuff, like psybient, like Shpongle. Perfect for the morning coffee :) Slow, groovy and shining! :)

Every man likes different genre and/or style of music :)
where can i get that???thanks


Posted: Tue Mar 13, 2007 6:36 pm
by Umpalumpa
it's scientificly prooved that human likes ritmated music beacause of the libidum, its connected to sexual acts and concient beings we conect it to many other stuff,but libidum controls us first...freaky thingh... ](*,)
of course it wasn't prooved that highest bpm listners would be bether lovers... what really metters is the skill and not speed! :razz: :kiss :grampa ;)

it is much more like mixing,playing high bpm tracks doesnt make a good dj but the skill!!!fast or slow...doesnt metter
as someone said ravi shankar is much more psychedelic than some djs, thats an interesting point, the heart beats, shaman,etc, but one thingh i know, the first thingh that receives senses is the brain,and the brain almost allways control the body...

sry my english

Posted: Tue Mar 20, 2007 12:31 pm
by virtualien
blah.. im not like because 170 bpm ++ more match for hardstyle.. and this style almost crossing hardtechno! keep it psychedelic tune!

Re: 170 bpm and more ...

Posted: Wed Mar 21, 2007 9:21 pm
by time wave zero
syntimentall wrote:explain to me sense of trance with BPM more than 170 ....
how do you perceive such type of trance ??
in fact there are such people which collect enormous pleasure from him ... for which the atmosphere of such type of trance is their native environment of dwelling ...
what feelings and experiencing do they feel ??? what kind of trip they have ??
in fact as on me ... such type of trance creates the atmosphere of chaos, disorder ...
I think that the same atmosphere it is possible to pass the BPM less ... 150-155 fully enough ..
in fact how possibly to dance, to miditate under such beats per minute ???

thx for attention ...
well it has to do with the brain waves and their frequences. actually it is not difficult to understand at all. i don't know if you have heard of psychedelic parties with brain machines: the machines are being put on the heads of the people and the dj is watching the brain frequences of the dancers on his monitor live so he can affect them and do different experiments with the brain frequences. so those parties were a kind of a scientific research that was made in berlin some time ago . it was really very unusual because the dance floor was like a futuristic experiment with people dancing with brain machines on their heads connected through cabels right directly with the dj's pult ;). and the interesting thing is that they saw exactly that the faster it is, the more it fits to the brain frequence which is the one for getting into deeper trance. this thing is scientifically proved by a well known researcher in the field of mathematics , hans cousto, the guy who also invented the planet cosmic tones and the theory about the cosmic octav. well, at that time they experimented more with gabba and not with dark psy but nevertheless, the most important thing is that they came to the conslusion that the faster it is, the more trancy it is. scientifically proved ;))).
me i don't think that it fits to my head to be always as fast as that. but anyway maybe i haven't met the right dj yet who really knows what the speed is all about and does not make just some chaos and disorder out of it. .

scientific prooved

Posted: Wed Mar 21, 2007 9:46 pm
by Umpalumpa
i'm a biologist apentice, and the sad thing about "scientific prooved" is that if you want support to make your research, its very hard, and you will only get it if it is connected with pharaceutics or war related...interesting points of our society and ecology are frequently smashed by capitalism and other human sh**... we could already be much more advenced if we didn't live in this world full of FAKE people...

Posted: Thu Mar 22, 2007 2:11 am
by Oxidelic
if u want to dance it, dance it twice slowier.. if its 180bpm u dance it actually like 60... like drum'n'bassers do... but than we loose the very esence of the psy-trance movement. make shamanic, tribal gatherings through the act of dancing Togather of hard dancing, conecting with the earth! of uniting our energies! on 180 and above the sound waves are so intense i mean the vibration they cause and mainly becoming from the pumpin low end of the tracks, makes us boiling! and makes us traveling inside, alone, scared, feared and spooked, or maybe enjoying all this, u know fight the fears. its ok, its purifing... but far far away from the real meaning of a tribal gathering... remember: elevating our energy through uniting in a colective act of dancing, looking at each other, playing one with another, dancing and making shamanic (natural) movements which in magical (natural) way sinchronize one with another and thus create higher and stronger energy formations, so that real magic happens.
its good to have divercity, but really to trip a small 7-8 hour party where the bpm dont goes down 180 is for ppl that consume hard drugs... and not psychedelics... ;) Playing some tracks above 180 in sets is ok, when there is some logic in that... but making a complete sets starting from 180??? mmm... not my dish... we loose the detail, our nature, the life itself is so beautiful because of the details. too much speed, too much blurred mind... literaly and metaforicaly... so its just like driving a ferary... scratching our ego.. nothing more. ;)
ts my point of view


remember Juno reactor?
they had tracks over 180.. but constructed on triplets? ;)

Posted: Fri Mar 23, 2007 10:44 am
by time wave zero
hehe my dear oxidelic, so nice to see you here 8) 8) 8) 8)

well on one hand i agree with you completely about the essence of the psychedelic trance culture. there is no doubt at all : dancing is the main element that connects us and it is the most powerful means to achieve a collective state of trance. so 180 bmp eight hours long would be definitely a disaster because most people would not be able to dance on it
( and still it is another story what does dancing mean: does it have to mean " moving the feet according to the formul "a step per bpm" or could it also be just dancing with the hands and shoulders and mostly the astral body. but anyway, you are definitely right that eight hours 180 bpm could be a disaster for most of the people at a party.)

on the other hand, well, come on, even if it destroys the essence of the psy trance culture, and even if it leads to another type of trance, darker and deeper into yourself and not really a collective trance expirience, well, would it really be the only factor that destroys " the essence of the psy trance movement" ??????????? i don't think so.;) i mean, well maybe it is different over there in south amerika where you are, and i would love to believe that, but most of the parties i have seen have so many other factors that destroy the collective trance expirience .....and a speed of 180 bpm would be the least problem actually ;)))).
and there are also many more means of trance experience which we use other than dancing: for example spending some hours in a samadhi tank all alone in the darkness or spending some time on a mountain hill all alone with the spirits in the darkness etc. and some of us love these things maybe exactly as much as the collective trance expirience on a party. it is just experimenting with your mind and everything that has to do with this, seems definitely totally interesting for me. i mean, i would really love to experiment with faster speed for some hours on a party one day. seems very interesting to me.

Posted: Fri Mar 23, 2007 5:07 pm
by Oxidelic
its jsut my opinion...

my body feels it so
my hearth feels it so

i've listened to 180bpm music and above when i was 15.
gabba, hardcore and all other types of blabla-cores. drum'n'bass also...

but not anymore ;)

why i should go back to something i've passed already 15 years ago?
is the speed the only solution for making something new?

i respect all kind of styles if there are freakheads to listen to them.
also when goa-trance became boring in the 98-99 ppl invented minimal, progressive, psy-breaks, even psy-drum'n'bass... but so what? its great!
as i said, i dont like chineese food but this doesent mean i'll go and burn every chinese restaurant! ehehe or curse the chinese ppl??
electrypnose is a respectfull artist by me and he can make from freeky, mistic chillout to really weird 200-300bpm hardcore, but this is just experiments, cuz the best traks of vince that all we have dance dont pass the 157bpm!!! his real serious work. experimenting is cool, but dont take it seriously until there is some real esence, some real base for making it...
there are milions of ways to dance and freak out, but this is like the meditation, u can see thousends of profets telling ya how to meditate and yes, there are some aspects that repeats!
so is the tribal gathering, if u dont step on the ground, if u dont feel the earth, if u dont make it rhitmically, its much more dificult to come to some higher state of collective conciousnes (in a samadhi tank u dont have this ;) there u're alone). maybe you can, but the majority will not.
for me psy trance is beyond music, its a science that have to do with specific vibrations and how they reflect our light-bodies.
on 180 my soul is boilning... i'm not looking for this...

its just my taste thats formed from 15years of psy listening...
will ya kill me 4 that?

i like it heavy, i like it intense and mystic, surprising and stuff but not beyond 170...
just my hmble opinion tina ;)

btw. how are you? eheheh all fine friend

p.d. make a small statistics. whats the average age of the producers that make traks over 170-180, and djs that play this kind of stuff? ehehehe is it 16, 17...??? do u think a person that has learned some PC and some producing can really make a trance trak that can elevate u, u that knows chakras, altered state of mind, meditation, out of body experiences and so on? if it isnt just for the cheap agression? if i want cheap agreassion i'll go back to may trash, death and speed metal years!!!
no "psy-core" track can be compared with a real gore-metal piece!! there is the real speed and agression... the other is just experiments, fashion, looking to be famous, looking to scratch your ego. its fine, but its not my dish as i said.


for me delian, the real breakthroug, the real new style of psy-producing, diferent from lazy, gay progressive, or tooo minimal psy-tech, or the super comercial full.on is not this so called psy-core... nooo its the Forest Trance!! but its not modern, its not fashion cuz its toooo serious for the teenagers, so they go with the speed.
for me the real breakthrough have made derango with their last album. they made something really New! without loosing the escence of a real psychedelic trip...

Posted: Fri Mar 23, 2007 5:42 pm
by time wave zero
p.d. make a small statistics. whats the average age of the producers that make traks over 170-180, and djs that play this kind of stuff? ehehehe is it 16, 17...??? do u think a person that has learned some PC and some producing can really make a trance trak that can elevate u, u that knows chakras, altered state of mind, meditation, out of body experiences and so on?
well yes, this is exactly the point. as i said , everything speedy that has been produced till now or at least those tracks that i have heard till now , which are 180 bpm, do not really fit into my head. they are just like a chaos and disorder to me, not more. so as i said, maybe i havent met the right producer or dj yet who could elevate me trhought speed , and btw maybe i will never find one. :D ( but anyway i can imagine that it could be once in a lifetime experience if we could make such an experiment with EEG and brain machines connected to the dj and then making it faster and faster and see what happens. well maybe not 170, actually the scientifical research which was done in berlin with those mind machines at a party, pointed out 165 as the best speed for inducing the brain frequences needed for trance states).

well, these are just my humble thoughts f course, just my humble dreams.
ts just my taste thats formed from 15years of psy listening...
will ya kill me 4 that?
should i kill you? you want me to do it buddy?? ;)))) :D 8-) no problem friend :D :D :grin: for you always whereever...*joke*

Posted: Fri Mar 23, 2007 8:01 pm
by Oxidelic
if u want serious music on higher bpms look for IDM and subgeners. some of them are really freaky.

what bothers me on this high bpms are not the sound, but the 4/4 rithm. the bass and the kik...! they disolve.

but a good IDM trak where the beat is not a simple 4/4 rhithm is something else. is a real modern Jazz.

but this music is made mainly by profesionals. not some 17 years old freak, speed, crack, coka headz
there is the main diference.

thats why i told, Juno Reactor, they invented higher bpms in psychedelic music much before this new glitch-core psychedelic ehehehe. but they make it wisely, with an idea, not to proof they are the fastest band in the world... which is really superficial.. as some djs around! and the sadddest thing is how they pitch up track made on 157bpms to 180??? what the phuk!!!!

Posted: Fri Mar 23, 2007 8:13 pm
by Oxidelic
to make more clear my statemant here an example

a band called:

ehre is the link (thanks to Yves DARK records who passed it)
try track n10

highr bpm, intense music, freaky and spooky atmosferes, glitches and everything u need, but with a thought, concept and stuff.


I'm not against higher bpms, but mindless pitched up noises that ppl call psy-core


Posted: Fri Mar 23, 2007 9:39 pm
by Umpalumpa
this album is very cool
seems like an artist called luke slater,that produces songs like those...
but i don't know whats the name given to this kind of music

Posted: Fri Mar 23, 2007 9:54 pm
by Oxidelic
luke slater?

yes for sure. he, aphex twin, autechre are the fathers of this experimental style

its mainly called IDM state for Inteligent Dance Music ;)

Posted: Mon Mar 26, 2007 12:02 pm
by LSDan
serz wrote:
LSDan wrote:I once went to a night that played 200-250bpm music. It was f@#king ridiculous. People weren't actually dancing, just swaying from side to side. I didn't dance but I didn't leave the room either I wanted to hear it just out of interest. Watching everyone was really weird. The speed of the music just seemed to stop the energy. It was as if they were dancing because they felt they had to rather than enjoying it. It was a little freaky. I think there's a line to be drawn sometimes.
f@#king insane dude... lol.

IMHO, a 180 BPM track can't have anything of trance... it just can't..

Terrorcore which goes 180-200 BPM or maybe more? has no psy sounds and it's not trance at all..

Hehe, terracore? It makes me laugh the fact that when a genre is fast, they just but 'core' at the end of it. I find it really weak.
Breakcore, doomcore, darkcore, psycore blah blah blah :grin: