What do you think about psychedelics

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What do you think about psychedelics?

Psychedelics have been used for thousand of years everywhere on the planet. The trance movement just redefines this ancient culture in a modern way. I consider psychedelics to be generally useful and i take it ritually.
Psychedelics help people to expand their consciousness. I take them regularly at a party.
I prefer other stuff instead of psychedelics. I / a friend of mine had a badtrip once and don't wanna take it again. I take other stuff.
I dont take any. Why should music be always connected to drugs???
I am too young, i don't know psychedelics that good
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Another shitty discussion about drug addiction?? go phuk off with your propaganda. I need no drugs, i have enough alkohol to be happy.
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I have experimented with these and that but i think that the real enlightenment comes without any substances
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Post by LSDan » Fri Sep 04, 2009 11:54 am

I like to take them at trance parties. They give a deeper understanding of the music. I find it helps with my own music production. You feel the music and the vibe in a totally different way and you connect with it 10 fold. :bangin

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Seeking connection...
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Post by JARJOR » Mon Feb 15, 2010 10:00 am

Psychedelics are my teraupist.

A think i would like to say, no drug gonna give you anything that you haven´t got inside.They aren´t gonna make you better.This is a work with yourself every hour 24 hours a day 7 days week...
I guess they are powerful instruments ,make people remember what important thing are, give you light to some thougths.
i don´t belive in lsd priests, lsd gonna save the world.If you are not interesting in mind tripping, travel inside you if you take psychedellics you will probably have a bad trip and your only conclusion it´s gonna be wuaou what a bad trip....I have spoil a lot of dosis in people they don´t want to....They are happy with cocaine or hugging themselves with mdma...
I use to test my music with psichedelics (so i notice if they work)
In Madrid there are not dark psy sound systems, so it´s only me putting dark psy at parties.Progressive and comercial trance people say to me that dark trance bring you bad tripping.I guess it´s their problem because they havent worked with their own darkness to bring the properly contrast between light and darkness.I guess i need some higher mind twisting if i wanna remove my thoughs inside...I guess it´s a lack o f culture about underground....

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We have a pulse!
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Post by Twistland » Wed Mar 03, 2010 3:10 pm

JARJOR wrote:A think i would like to say, no drug gonna give you anything that you haven´t got inside.They aren´t gonna make you better.This is a work with yourself every hour 24 hours a day 7 days week...
So true. Few years ago I was so astonished by the power of psychedelics that I was obsessed with them. Now, I see them only as psycho-stimulants, an aids for the mind. LSD is an amphetamine for the mind.

The issue of health is controversial one. Sure, psychedelics don't upset your physical body but what happens to your psyche is completely different story. Such intense experiences, when handled improperly (in our culture it's always the cause) will damage your mind. That's why people using psychedelics should always use meditation as a way to balance your mind. I know many people who have damaged minds from psychedelics. Even here I can find such persons (like TimeWave Zero). Look, everyone shapes his own life and I just love hanging out with this freaks. But from the esoteric point of view there IS such thing as healthy mind.

Oh, one tip: according to Ayurveda and researchers of radiestesy, natural drugs are far better then their derivatives. Generally: the less you process your substances the better. So it's better to take mushrooms then LSD.

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Seeking connection...
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Post by JARJOR » Wed Mar 17, 2010 11:08 am

I guess there are not diference between natural and artificial i know a lot of natural poisons and you can get some chemical stuff to heal you so...they are only instruments....

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Post by LIMBO(dark) » Sat Oct 16, 2010 8:19 pm

:blush :blush
can vote for all answers!!!
must take it ritualy,not daily!!!
Yes the help to Discover your mind
not for all this come like good trip!!! very important
music best way to fell psychedelic
young -not use!!!
is not propaganda.this only opinion
you right !!!some talant can be GReat without drugs :crazyfly

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Post by mudpeople » Fri May 27, 2011 4:04 pm

pretty much this

I feel that everyone has a right to privacy. That means everyone has the right to put chemicals in themselves, or not, and its no one elses business. Also it means that everyone has a right to not have to be hassled by fucked up people :P cuz thats an invasion of privacy, without consent.

Personally I love em, but dont feel I need to do them all the time, and i feel most comfprtable doing them in the comfort and privacy of home. At parties, it can be fun in the right mood, at the right party. If no one plays Cities of the Future :P.

I was into electronic music before i ever started experimenting, all i need is the tunes, i love it sober or not. Different substances can show different ways of looking at familiar things, tracks that I heard til i got sick of em took on a whole new vibe via psychedelics. Which cna be good, if you feel like youre getting bored of the music in general or disillusioned that nothing sounds good, its like a reboot.

The whole tribal ritual recreation idea doesn't mention drugs in the recipe, just, dancing beyond fatigue to repetitive rhythm. Again though, drugs can add a new POV to what was considered been-there-done-that.

I feel that responsible mind alteration is each of our birthright as creatures possessing a mind to alter. Its each of our inalienable right to choose for ourselves, and its up to each of us to decide what exactly is meant by responsible use.

Sometimes I just want to get FUBARed crazy and go wild, and i feel that so long as im not forcing anyone to take care of intoxicated me, or bothering anyone, or otherwise making my state of mind obvious where iits not welcome (outside of places like a party, where its pretty much a given that drugs are being done, any party not just music, and just by being there among that, youre consenting to deal with intoxicated ppl), no one has the right to even ASK if im high or not let alone dictate to me what they thnk I should or shouldnt do to my brain chemistry.


I do highly advocate education especially regarding potentially harmful interactions, and things like HPPD and serotonin syndrome, and of course, what the drugs are, what their fx are, what the average duration is, general info on how to spot fake or cut drugs, and all that.

But do I feel that drugs are necessary? Well, they are, if a person wants to stay alive, there has to be chemcals affecting consciousness somehow, somehwere, the distinction between externally sourced versus endogenously produced chemicals is arbitrary IMO. Life is intoxication, sobriety means youre dead.

But is it necessary to experience a trance party in fullness to take drugs? Hell no, Ive been to more parties and jsut :drinks and or :smoke: or even just :monkeydance sober and had a great time. But yet again, drugs allow a perception that isnt easy to duplicate wihtout them.

Have fun be safe, dont forget to be sober now and then cuz its crazy too, above all be happy! If youre not, maybe its time for a change.

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Re: What do you think about psychedelics

Post by Fugazi » Thu May 03, 2012 4:42 am

Picked#1 option

Disregarding what drugs you take, the culture or whatever you are looking for in psychedelics, for me the main interest is the music, music comes first and will always do. I listen to darkpsy high and\or sober and get the feeling(a different but strong one) and interest in both ways. The feeling of dancing darkpsy music with your friendz in front of a serious audio system, such a powerful and raw message.. Is evolved musical taste. The best music so the best for all of you :bangin

no beats in this soul ;(
no beats in this soul ;(
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Re: What do you think about psychedelics

Post by stevehall » Fri Nov 22, 2013 11:32 am

I think psychedelics are okay... but using it to satisfy the self most of the time would be dangerous... but it does give a goo aura that other stuff cannot.


no beats in this soul ;(
no beats in this soul ;(
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Re: What do you think about psychedelics

Post by jennifermitchell‎ » Mon Mar 03, 2014 7:25 am

for me it's actually pretty cool to be able to do that


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