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Posted: Tue Jun 14, 2011 10:09 am
by madjester
time wave zero wrote:i guess that the different parts of the scene are not happy if they come here and post their releases and then get closed ( sort of put away:)))))))for them it is fascism.....narrow mindedness.....
they dont get it....but why should they get it at all.....i guess i am a dakr psy fundamentalist now. i put it over everything else it a bad thing? who knows.....may be i am bad. and it is not a joke....
Yeah... When Fullon people call DarkPsy people narrow minded it makes me laugh :P

Lots of my DarkPsy friends listen to Dark Psytrance and Suomi Psytrance, but not Fullon, but, must Fullon people can't stand either They're just pissed of we don't like their boring, bouncy ball, over compressed, bland music.

:D :P