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Transcendent Church of Bass

Posted: Thu Sep 23, 2010 6:39 pm
by MedisineMan
The Church of Bass creates a truely inspiring home in Seattle, by influencing free expression and true connections with dance, art, music, yoga, and other workships. This place is a perfect place for nurturing the mind, body and soul.
This venue has made it possible for new upcoming musicians in the psychedelic genre of EDM. The Transcendent church of bass is in need of your vote, please vote and give seattle a spiritual place where creativity and imagination is expressed freely. Also this is the only full on dance floor for psychedelic music, please keep this alive. Go to to cast a vote through email or text 102195 to Pepsi (73774). You can vote twice a day for this cause so that the effect may ripple into keeping the Seattle art scene alive. Thank you for your support

Peace and Love