How Did You Come to Meet/Love Psytrance? Your Genre History

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We have a pulse!
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How Did You Come to Meet/Love Psytrance? Your Genre History

Post by danrennt98 » Sat Oct 08, 2011 10:28 am

I'm just wondering how everyone came to find psytrance and if you came from an EDM history..

I think age factors into this post too.

So How old are you? What Genres did you listen to before you knew about psytrance? How did you find psytrance or did psytrance find you ;-) ?

So for me I'm 24, and when I was 13-14, I really liked the Eurodance stuff on the radio.. Amber, Vengaboys, etc. (embarrassing lol) Which turned into a love of Trance and all Electronic Music except House. So, from 14-18 and still I was listening to Melodic Trance - Mainstream / Hardcore / IDM / Drum 'n' Bass (Paul Van Dyk, Armin van Buuren, Oceanlab - and also I have a serious love for Aphex Twin / Boards of Canada and all Warped Records artists). I loved Astral Projection but I had no idea that it was a different 'genre' of trance than what I was listening to.

When I was 18, I went to my first 'rave' in Montreal and it was all psytrance by coincidence and psytrance found me. I felt as if I had just arrived home. From then on I found Goa Gil in 2005, and jumped on the darkpsy bandwagon, but I still listen to other stuff to keep darkpsy sounding fresh IMO. I never listened to any bands really and I still don't really enjoy anything that doesn't go DOOF. But I respect other people's opinions and I've gone to shows / concerts with other people - but I still don't feel I get that same respect back from others :Hangman: .

That was a long post and I'm going to start posting here more often instead of Isratrance, for various reasons. Sorry if this post is in the wrong place! Just wondering and it'd be cool to hear people's stories!


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Re: How Did You Come to Meet/Love Psytrance? Your Genre Hist

Post by Alien_Assault » Mon Oct 31, 2011 11:02 pm

Well, i got to know psytrance from local night radio show where DJ Alex (i guess there are many DJs named similarly so i must add his real name Albert Sattarov) presented various styles of electronic music.
Before that i used to listen to punk and metal (and still like that music too). My earlier favorite electronic styles were hardcore, breakbeat and jungle. I've recorded some of that radio shows to cassettes (basically a record each style) and was listening these later. I remember how i thought that psytrance and acid were "lighter" - no amen breaks, no grinding blasts and basslines not so massive/storyteling as in jungle. Now i think i just had too crappy radio to dive into psy multiverse =)
Once i was listening to such a cassette (psy) and tripped out of my mind to the sounds of Planet BEN - Screwdriver, which i still consyder to be one of the best 90's psytrance tracks, so i fell in love with psytrance :heart:
Later on, when i started to work on a radio and became friends with Alex, he presented me couple of Goa trance double CDs saying something like "you play this stuff better" :poor I was happy and still love that CDs =)
Timeline: i was about 16 when i heard psytrance for the first time , at 18 i become FM radio DJ, and now am 32.

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Re: How Did You Come to Meet/Love Psytrance? Your Genre Hist

Post by lelle » Fri Jan 06, 2012 3:06 am

Some friends took my to a party here in Costa Rica, Neuromotor was playing, it was 2K6 when it all started for me...before this party I had only listened to a few songs from Silent Horror and Baphomet Engine, when I found this music I started thinking that I should have discovered this before, this new music was me, it shaped many things that exist in my mind.

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Re: How Did You Come to Meet/Love Psytrance? Your Genre Hist

Post by peaceblomst » Sat Jan 14, 2012 6:46 pm

Well im 28 now.... Started listening to all the eurodance aound me... And the rave mission cd'es... That was the way i learned happy hardcore and hardcore/gabber, and that became my style of music for some time(and do still listen sometimes :D )
Then there were some acid trance and industrial and chill out did come to my life :-)

And that was about that time i heard kox box the first time, and thought hmm, thats pretty nice music :-) so i started digging, and found something called goa trance and fell in love :-)

Goa trance led me to progressive and the more fullonish things, and then at last, something that united my two favorite genres, i head my first dark psy track, and i have been stucked here ever since :-)

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