IMPORTANT: To all DJs - Rules - Please READ!

Post links to DJ mixes, Live act sets here. hard psy trance, darkpsy, psystomp, psycore etc.... (no fluffy music please!)

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IMPORTANT: To all DJs - Rules - Please READ!

Post by triplag » Sat Jul 30, 2005 4:52 pm

To all djs :
Please use this forum for DJ sets posts ONLY

We are not interested in silly progressive, immature uplifting and other nonsense trance. This forum is for full power night time psy trance music.
If you are not sure - please listen to Triplag radio or look through" onclick=";return false; and archive pages before sharing your mix here.

~ Please create a new topic designated for your DJ mix
~ If you want your set broadcasted please provide realable download link (MP3 128 kbps and add ID tags)
~ Please include track full list as follows: Artist Name - Track Name (Label Name/unreleased)
Sets without track list will not be reviewed for the radio broadcast.
~ If you use Unreleased tracks it is your responsibility to have permission from the artist.

Code: Select all

-This means the artist had given you an authorization/approval to include his/her unreleased track/s in your DJ set, which you are submitting at Triplag forum and for potential airplay.

We will not actively police the track list and will trust the DJ. However, if complaint will arise and confirmed that DJ used unreleased material without permission, set will be taken of air and forum and DJ could be BANNED from the forum.
DJs: Don't be lazy and if come across great unrelease track that fits your set - get in contact with producer and ask for permission! in majority of the time author will agree. This communication will be a mutal benefit for you as DJ and artist.

~ No SPAM :
Posts that do not relate to mixed psychedelic music will be deleted
Posts with just a download link to the mix will be deleted.
~ Please do not use CAPs unless it's required (i.e. name, label etc..)

By placing a link to a mix you agree that:
~ you are the owner of the mix [or have owner's permission] and
~ you allow this file to be broadcasted on TRIPLAG WEBRADIO
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