Resinous Detritus (other's tracks mixed)

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Resinous Detritus (other's tracks mixed)

Post by mudpeople » Wed Jul 21, 2010 9:26 am

And then I remembered I made this mix about a month ago that I really liked. Its full of fantagulatial nystrobulously awesome tracks, almost all are free net releases in WAV or FLAC, the other 2 are FLAC rips from my own hardcopy collection, and theres one mp3. Mixed and concocted with Live and my Excali-microKONTROL.

Introfication by me
Stereographic vs Baphomet Engine-Stereophometh
Airi-Picture in Flame
Plastic vs Cosmic Iron-Ultraviolet
Fuzz-Dark and Light
Sn-Ikik-Childs Plaii
Cenotes-Freaking in the Distance
STI and One-Lok-Sludge and Slime
Pantomiman-Black Mamba
Faxi Nadu-Crazy People Attacking
A-Mush-Spirit Control
Highko-Friend or Enemy
Penta-Are We Done Yet

Mixing with Live is nice because instead of paying 60% of my attention to the track synchronizing I can focus all 100 on blending and effects and the overall feel of the thing rather than bogging down in what amounts to mixological engineering... I still like to rock out oldschool beatmatching by hand now and then but, well its more personal that way getting lost in the tracks and sort of floating away into em rather than laying back and enjoying the music along with everyone else.

Oh yeah and Live can play FLAC and WAV in full quality.

I like that. 8-)

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