Muphled Wump

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Muphled Wump

Post by mudpeople » Wed Nov 17, 2010 2:23 am <128k mp3 (unamplified) <320k mp3 (amplified)

Orestis-Life rmx (Tantrumm)
Ruslan vs Bombax-Ruki Zaniti (Shamanfilms)
MeteorBurn-Evil Sickness
MMC-Liquid Mind (Psymoon)
Kerosene Club-Execute Order 66 (Temple Twisters)
Penta-In the Night (Soundcloud)
Wizack Twizack-The Explorer (Dark Summer rmx)
Peacespect vs Dejan vs Hishiryo-Fort Europa (Golden Dawn)
Nyarlathotep-Teratogen (Phreex Networx)
Airi-Amanojaku (Psymoon)
Para Halu-Siren's Fiction (Parvati)
Flucturion-Synchropic Center (Psymoon)
Septagram-Forbidden Path (Ektoplazm)
MDS-Japan Connection (Trishula)

I am in f@#king LOVE with everything Darkshire touches, Septagram rules. Id have Dark Summer's kids if i was a lady. MeteorBurn, well, they just derange me in all the right ways. Airi is like Electrypnose after a visit to the deeper regions of Hades. Flucturion leaves me speech and breathless, that track in particular, is AMAZING. That triple versus is just a sandwich made entirely of crazy.

Not sure where the Wizack remix came from, or if Penta released that track on a cd. I got it from Soundcloud, idk where the Wizack came from, but ive had it forever.

After recording with Live i took the time to make sure every single track is synced as perfect as possible, and also I put an Ozone 4 on it for some of the sparkle i like.

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