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Posted: Sun Feb 06, 2011 3:14 am
by Fugazi
Wic|{ed wrote:Ahaha no problem my pleasure! You asked for a sincere opinion that means analysing all! I wrote that for you and for all dj's, because some could already know that and that's good, but i think many of you didn't know that, and it took me almost a year to achieve that and most importantly to apply that, and that's the tricky thing XD! And most importantly Triplag Dj Contest is on the run, there are very good cd's to be delievered to the community, and like Vic said on the Alpha Show, the trimester winner will win cd's and the get a chance to be broadcast on the live show with are good friend Alpha presenting it ^^

Thanks for the heads up on the Triplag Dj Contest :bangin :ura