Mudpeople-Forget How

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Mudpeople-Forget How

Post by mudpeople » Wed Mar 23, 2011 5:34 pm ... 20128k.mp3

Deviant Species-Thermal Boundaries (Ambivalent)
Overdream-Happy End of the World(Sonic Tantra)
Kindzadza-Water Memory (Tantrumm)
Drakphaser-Karnage (Psymoon)
Psykovsky Cosmo-So Many Q (Tantrumm)
Drakphaser-Planet Overthrow (Triptec)
Whicked HAyo-Please, Dont phuk with Us (Night Oracle)
Drakphaser-Demonoiied (Gliese 581c)
Claw and Paranoize-New Monarchy (Sonic Tantra)
Schizoid Bears-Electronic Music (Forest Freaks)
Acid Goblins-Time Transplant (Psybaba)
Cenotes-One of Us (Forest Freaks)
Septagram-Angel of Mercy (Ektoplazm)
Flucturion-All in Sorrangoma (Psymoon)
Oxidelic-Unseen Realms (Anomalistic)

All sorts of tasty goodies from my cd collection and fresh from Ektoplazm, mixed in realtime with Ableton, this time some effects accent the journey from time to time. Also Drakphaser is awesome so I had to include all the free tracks of his i could find. And if that Claw and Paranoize track is an indication of what theyve been up to recently, eff yeah guys, eff yeah.

Starts at 152, goes crazy, and then ends :P 128k mp3 (320k is on my ftp as 'anumyx.mp3')

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