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Madjester - Psycore-tech Breakdown

Posted: Thu Apr 28, 2011 10:17 pm
by madjester
I play a regular slot on Renegade Radio,, on Sundays.. This is an hour long snippet from my 2 hour set for April 10th. This set features Mixxx with beat looping, a new and upcoming feature. I used quite a few beat loop FX in this set, see if you can spot them ;)

1. Select Project - Soft Airplane
2. Furious and Cardans - Only You
3. Glosolalia - Blueprints
4. Highko - Who has Won
5. Crazy Astronaut - Vampire
6. Furious and Whoop - Ufo on Lfo
7. Furious - Some ossf Psidm
8. Psykovsky - Love is What?
9. RAWAR - Atmospheric Bitch
10. Cosmo - Break your Bones

Soundcloud URL: ... il-10-2011

I give permission to play it on the radio but there's probably some shout out on there to Renegade Radio, and that'll just make it sound silly.

Enjoy the set! BoooooooooooooooM!!!

PS: I don't use autosync. Currently looking for a MIDI machine with 14 bit pitch faders.