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Posted: Fri May 27, 2011 11:22 am
by mudpeople
Gil is playing his memorial meltdown just over the mtns in California, and I wont be there...


I made my own mini-meltdown

Electrypnose vs YabYum-Freeze (ShamanFilms)
DarkShire-Rain Forest (Part 1) (Mind Expansion)
Hokus Pokus-Philly Hankat (final) (Vertigo)
Hallucinogenic Horses-Knirkmalirk (Insomnia)
Dohm-Yaga the Ring (Forest Freaks)
Ork Monk-Sweet Delight (Ektoplazm)
P Tale-Where Are You (Forest Freaks)
Aremakki-Funnyland (Sonic Tantra)
Pharmacore-Mind Block (Biijah)
Devic-Rumination (Unwashed)
Schizoid Bears-Electronic Music (Forest Freaks)
Re-Horakhty-Dungeon Keeper (Forest Freaks)
Penta-Foggy (Auraquake)
Overdream-Chemical Virgin (Mind Expansion)
Terminator vs CPC-Mosgortrans (Manic Dragon)
Fearkiller-Lou (Mystical Flashback)
Dejan-Kakosi (Vertigo)
OSOM-Compos Mentis (Vertigo)

just under 90 mins, ranging in bpm from 145 to 200 :P mixed in realtime with Live

Had a blast mixing, first time in a while i really rocked out :D Also one of my best mixes using Live so far. No post-recording fixes either, mistakes included. My midi controller has a screwy knob that sometimes goes the wrong way, always at the wrong time...

I really gotta remap the EQ on that side :P